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Why Modern Brides Should Wear Colorful Wedding Dresses

By Adrian Leighton

Discovering Colorful Wedding Dresses

colorful wedding dresses
Weddings are changing, but are you a modern bride who likes colorful wedding dresses? You don’t want to be the bride who has an instantly forgettable wedding that looks the same as every other wedding your guests have been to. But what options are available to the forward thinking bride? All around the world we’re starting to see tastes changing when it comes to wedding dresses. In Asia they’ve been wearing red and gold in weddings for generations, but in the West color is a much newer trend. Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, and Sarah Jessica Parker are blazing a trail for modern brides who wish to move away from the traditional white wedding dress towards new colored styles!

Jessica Biel Giambattista Valli pink wedding dress 2012

Here's Jessica Biel in her pink Gianbattista Valli wedding gown at her marriage to Justin Timberlake in 2012.

So, are colourful wedding dresses of interest for you? Keep reading…   Options For Colorful Wedding Dresses Which colors can you get a wedding dress in these days? Basically any color you can think of! Popular colors other than white include ivory, champagne, red, and even blue! But colorful wedding dresses can be made to order, so it’s really up to the bride’s personal taste!   Skin Tone Actually there’s a practical reason for choosing a wedding dress that’s not plain white, because it may well be because a different color will suit your skin tone a lot better. So which color to choose?
  1. White: Good for all brides, but looks especially good for tanned, dark, and olive skins. It’s a pure color, giving brides a very virginal and sweet look.
  2. Ivory/Champagne: Pale skins will benefit from off white colors, because white always has the danger of washing you out. These colors are still pure, but they have added elegance too.
  3. Other colors: Really it depends on your taste, but remember that other colors such as red, will make you very striking and can highlight your features.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with white as it’s so fresh and pretty, but actually colors can be great if you’d like a modern and very unique wedding look!   Colorful Wedding Dresses To Be Unique Most brides who choose to wear a colorful dress wear one because they want to be unique and it fits in with their theme, perhaps the color having a special significance for the bride. But how unique and individual they can look is one of the important factors too! After all, whereas most girls dream to have a perfect wedding, this doesn’t mean that they all dream to have the same wedding! Wearing a colourful wedding dress is your way of saying, “This is who I am. This is my wedding, and my style!” 


So are you going to go down the unique route, or the traditional route for your wedding? There is no right or wrong choice. As with any bride, whatever makes you happy is the most important point. But it’s important for you to know that there are other wedding dress options available to you! Consider wearing colorful wedding dresses if you want to make a statement, highlight your best facial features, and feel great in the color you love, knowing that it’s one of your favorites. On the other hand, you could wear a white wedding gown if you wish to follow tradition and believe that brides should appear fresh, pure, and virginal. As long as you’re happy, then this is a big step towards having a memorable and perfect wedding day; and if a splash of color helps you to do that then that’s even better! Check these: Dream bridal gowns and Zipper dress wedding

OuterInner.com New Functions: Ask Questions & Review Us On Dress Page

New Functions At OuterInner.com: Review Your Dress & Ask Us Questions Directly From Each Product Page!

This January we've added two helpful new functions to OuterInner.com. Now you'll be able to ask questions about a dress directly from the dress page, and also review your new dress.
review dresses and ask questions on outerinner.com
Let's look at how to do these tasks:

Reviewing OuterInner.com Dresses Directly From Their Page

If you've bought a new dress from us here at OuterInner.com then you can share your opinion about it directly on its page. This is good for sharing your good news, and can help other customers too! Here's how to do it:
  1. Go to your product page and you'll see the option to 'write a review.'
write a review button  
  • After you click that button another screen will pop out and you can write your review here. We strongly suggest that you add a picture or two, as we love to see our customers wearing their dresses ;-)
  write your review here  
  • Finished? Your review will look something like this:
  complete review So, have you bought a dress from us before? Please review it, because it only takes 5 minutes! :-)

Asking A Question Directly About A Dress From Its Page

Have you ever seen a dress on our site, but you have had a question about it and wondered how you could find out what you needed to know? Well now you can! Here's how:
  1. Go to the item page on the site and you'll see the option to "ask a question."
click this button to ask a question  
  • You'll see this pop-out page where you can enter anything you like and it'll go straight through to our customer support staff who will reply by email within 1 day.
  ask your question here  
  • You'll also be able to recommend a dress to your friends. This is a useful function for brides or bridesmaids, as you might wish to share your ideas with them as you browse through our catalog. Just add their email address and your dress choice will be sent to them, allowing them to see if they agree!
  recommend to friends

"Why Should I Use This Way To Contact OuterInner, And Not Just Send An Email?"

As we have upgraded our system this has become the MOST efficient way to contact us. This means that you will get an answer faster than if you send an email (although we still endeavour to answer ANY inquiry within 24hrs), as our system alerts customer support staff directly when an inquiry is sent via the web site. Also, if you have more than one question and ask them as separate emails different you may get separate replies at different times, whereas by asking via the site everything will be collected together automatically and you'll get ONE answer to all of your questions together :-) So if you've got a question let us know! We'd love to speak with you!

Let Pins Win You Prizes With The OuterInner.com Pin To Win Contest!

OuterInner.com Pin To Win Contest

By Adrian Leighton
OuterInner.com Pin To Win Contest
"Hey OuterInner fans, did you know that you can pin our dresses directly from our site to your own Pinterest boards? This will help you to get ideas, and remember which dresses you love later!" To celebrate our love of pinning we're launching a 'Pin To Win' contest, where you can win some amazing prizes just for pinning your favorite OuterInner.com dresses!

What can you win in the OuterInner.com Pin to Win Contest?

We're giving away hundreds of dollars worth of beautiful OuterInner.com dresses and money off gift vouchers! One lucky 'grand prize winner' will win her dream OuterInner dress from her pin board made and delivered for free But there's more... We're also giving away 3 $50 money off vouchers to another 3 lucky winners for them to use to get a big discount off their next order with us!  

I'm ready to enter! What do I do?

Entering this contest is easy, and there's just 3 easy steps to follow:
  1. Go to Pinterest and sign up for FREE if you haven't already. Create a new board and call it MY DREAM OUTERINNER DRESSES and pin your favorite 10 dresses from our store, OuterInner.com.
how your outerinner.com pin to win contest board should look Your board should look like this on your Pinterest page...  
  • Post the URL of your completed board as a comment below our contest pin to complete your entry and have a chance to win! :-) If for some reason you cannot add your URL as a comment to our contest pin you can let us know you have entered in the following ways: Add it as a comment to this blog / Email it to: MKT@OUTERINNER.COM / Post it on our Facebook page and explain what it is.
how your URL as a comment on our 'contest pin' should look You need to add the URL (link) of your new board as a comment below our contest pin like this...  

When can I find out if I've won?

The contest runs between the 5th and 19th of November 2012 and on the 20th we will post a blog with our 4 winners' names on our OuterInner blog. So it's time to get started! Go find your favorite dresses at OuterInner.com and pin them on to your new board!  

Not sure how your new board should look?

Here's our example My Dream OuterInner Dresses board we made earlier as an example for you :-) Your board should look like this one, but you should include whichever dresses you like!  

Conditions of the contest

*One board per Pinterest account may enter. Extra will not be counted. **No purchase necessary to be a winner. Contest starts on 5th November and ends on 19th November 2012. Winners to be selected at random from all entries, no matter where URL posted. Entrants welcome from ALL countries. Our decision is final. Winners will be posted as a blog post at the OuterInner blog and messaged privately on 20th November and will have 48hrs to claim their prize. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Pinterest. By taking part, you accept that you are providing your information to OuterInner.com and not to Pinterest.

2012's Top 5 Wedding Dresses Trends

OuterInner.com's Top 5 Wedding Dresses Trends For 2012

Calling all brides! If you're getting married next year and haven't decided upon which style of wedding dresses you like then our top 5 picks of new wedding dress styles for 2012 could give you some inspiration! There are some which are quite unusual, but there are also some 'older styles' which seem to be coming back, so let's get into it:  

1. Separates Wedding Dresses

A modern and unusual look that won't be for every bride, the separate wedding dress consists of a skirt and separate top. This could be a poofy tulle skirt, or maybe something more flowy like a maxi skirt, but either way these aren't connected with the top you choose to wear which could be anything from an embroidered blouse to a plain white tee! Good for modern brides who are interested in being a trend-setter!
separates wedding dresses

2. Colorful Wedding Dresses

Exactly how it sounds, these wedding dresses aren't only in white, ivory or champagne. Designers are experimenting with all kinds of colors these days, but don't be surprised because brides have been getting married in red and other colors in the Orient for hundreds of years. Maybe you have a favorite color, so why not indulge yourself and get your wedding dress made in it?
colored wedding dresses

3. Polka Dot Wedding Dresses

If you're following fashion then you'll know that polka dots are big and going to be hot next year and they've now spread to wedding dresses too! So if you're brave you could try a polka dot wedding dress! ;-)
polka dot wedding dresses

4. Illusion Neckline Wedding Dresses

Following the resurgence in lace caused by a certain princess's wedding gown we are now seeing more illusion necklines coming back and we love them! An illusion neckline basically uses a slim film of often-embroidered lace to cover your neckline and sometimes shoulders. It's quite sheer, so it looks a little like there is a neckline and kind of that there isn't, hence the 'illusion' part. Brides who are into lace dresses and classic styles will love this style!
illusion neckline wedding dresses

5. Sheer Skirt wedding Dresses

Again quite self-explanatory. These dresses feature a skirt which is sheer (quite see-through) and the effect is something akin to a 1920's style. Usually the portion of the skirt below the knee is sheer, so if you've got great legs and shoes then this dress could be for you!
sheer skirt wedding dresses
So what do you think of these trends? Would you choose one of these wedding dresses for your wedding? Do you have any trend tips to share with us as well? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
Don't forget to join the fun on facebook and twitter!  
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