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Valentine's Day Lingerie Sale From OuterInner.com: 20% OFF 'Til Feb 4

Give Your Man A sexy Surprise With Valentine's Day Lingerie

By Adrian Leighton

Sexy Valentine's Day Lingerie Sale
Is Valentine's day the most romantic time of the year? Depends what you make of it! If ever there was an occasion to heat things up at home it's this special day, which is why we've released a range of sexy Valentine's day lingerie that's sure to surprise the man in your life! The news gets better though, as we've reduced this lingerie by 20% until February 4th! Why this date? Our lingerie only takes around 10 days to reach your door from the date you order, so as long as you order between now and Feb 4th you can expect your goodies by the time it's Valentine's day! This means our usual low prices are even lower, and even though there's a shipping cost the discount will now help with that allowing you to save money over local lingerie stores!

What Kind Of Valentine's Day Lingerie Is On Offer?

There really is a style of valentine's day lingerie for everyone! From slips, to corsets, and even to bras and panties. There are bargain lingerie picks for any taste and shape! Let's take a look at a few items to give you some ideas:   Babydoll Valentines Purples Chiffon Sexy Lingeries, Style Code: 03215, US$15.99 Reduced to US$12.79 Babydoll Valentines Purples Chiffon Sexy Lingeries, Style Code: 03215, US$15.99 How about a babydoll? After all, it's not what you're showing off, but what you're teasing him with! So while this top is sexy and supportive, it's also tantalising for your man!   Upper Torso Reds Satin Corsets Sexy Lingerie, Style Code: 07220, US$18.99 Reduced to: US$15.19 Upper Torso Reds Satin Corsets Sexy Lingerie, Style Code: 07220, US$18.99 Corsets are brilliant at supporting you and giving you a really killer hourglass silhouette. So they're not only empowering, but also super desirable! (You could even wear them over jeans if you're feeling adventurous!) ;-)   Set One Size Mesh Material Bicolor Teddies Clubwear/Dancewear, Style Code: 06954, US$12.99 Reduced to: US$10.39 Set One Size Mesh Material Bicolor Teddies Clubwear/Dancewear, Style Code: 06954, US$12.99 There's something about leopard print that just screams 'sexy!' You can easily overdo this jungle print, but not on a day like Valentine's day, so unleash your wild inner self with this teddy set!   See-Through Lace Soft Bra & Thong Set, Style Code: 10027, US$19.99 Reduced to: US$15.99 See-Through Lace Soft Bra & Thong Set, Style Code: 10027, US$19.99 This cute bra and thong set is in a hot pink and black pattern, and can be worn time and time again!   But remember, there are literally hundreds of styles on offer, and the only way you're going to see them all is by following this link to see all of our valentine's day lingerie! There's still time to get your lingerie in the post, so take a look before Feb 4th! It may also help you to see our sizing chart, so click this link to check that: OuterInner Size Guide . Are you going to wear lingerie this year at Valentine's day? Are there any styles not shown here that you'd prefer? Let us know please!

The Lingerie Guru: Everything You Need To Know About The Babydoll

Lookin' Sexy? It's All About The Babydoll!

zebra babydoll
  A babydoll is so many things rolled into one. Sweet, flirty, sexy. It's a type of sexy lingerie that has something for everyone! They're one of the all-time classic lingerie styles and have a really versatile image. Not familiar with babydolls? Join us here at OuterInner.com and dive in and check them out in more detail and see why they will help you to look very sexy indeed:  

Why Do I Need A Babydoll?

woman with question about babydolls
The great thing about a babydoll is that it's a combination of your sexuality and a more innocent 'girlish' style which men are sure to love! They are, essentially, a bra with spaghetti straps combined to a material section that fits around your tummy. Perhaps kind of like a short nightgown with in-built cups. Some will also come with matching panties to complete the look, as they usually won't cover your bottom half. So here's why you need a babydoll:
  • They give support to your boobs despite being a lightweight and relatively skimpy item of lingerie.
  • They are a tantalising mixture of sexy and innocent which will turn men on!
  • If you're a little body conscious a babydoll is good as it still covers a lot of your tummy area.

What Different Style Babydolls Are There?

You can get your own babydoll in so many fabrics and colors. They come with many different decorative touches as well such as bows, lace or ruffles. Depending on your taste you can also find them with sleeves as well as the sleeveless spaghetti strap variety. However if it's sexy that you're going for then you will love the babydolls made of chiffon, sheer cloth or mesh as these are rather see-through. If you're planning a sexy night in with your partner then sheer is a good bet.
sheer babydoll
  The style of babydoll you ultimately choose will depend on yourtaste though, as let's face it, men will love any of them! Would you prefer a plain sheer babydoll, or a decorated, frillier version? The more decorated a babydoll is, the girlier it will look. When it comes to frills you'll see that many babydolls do have a ruffle on the bottom and or shoulders or may have lace around the bust and bottom.
frilly babydoll
  For the classic 'girly' look that drives men wild you'll want to choose a babydoll with bows. The bows can be on the bottom or all over the Baby Doll with the typical bow between your breasts.
babydoll with bows
  If you want a more functional babydoll that you can wear as more of a nighty then choose one in a fabric that isn't sheer! Silk and satin are great choices, as you'll be able to open the front door and pick up the milk and mail and still be concealed. Also dark colors will also be less revealing (and more slimming too).
non-sheer babydoll

How To Buy A babydoll?

Always, always focus on what YOU find sexy! There's nothing quite like the confidence you feel from looking sexy and knowing it! Our tip is to choose a reasonably sheer babydoll which is a little long. This will flow over your tummy and can hide any things you're not happy with, or just be teasing for your partner. Although most babydolls come with matching panties, they may not be to your taste, so remember to choose a color that matches with panties you know you have at home. Babydolls also come in different lengths as I alluded to earlier, so be sure to choose a suitable length to make it hit your hips (which is the normal way to wear them). Babydolls aren't going to cost much from OuterInner. You're typically going to pay between US$10 to US$40!
So, are you ready to treat yourself and buy a babydoll? Just click the link to see our full range of babydolls now!  
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