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Night Out Dresses: How To Choose The Perfect Party Outfit

Night Out Dresses at OuterInner

Night out dresses

So you've received the invitation to the hottest party ever, but you don't know what to wear! Looking for great night out dresses can be stressful and it's very rare that women and actually get the correct option that truly makes them feel comfortable and pretty at the same time.

When searching for night out dresses take the following things into consideration to ensure that you are going to catch everyone's eye!

Choosing a Night Out Dress:

  • Always consider the occasion: How formal is the meeting you are attending? If you were invited to an up-scale party reunion you should use a cut that doesn't go above the knee. Whereas on the other hand, if it is an informal party you can choose a fashionable cut that shows a bit more skin. Night out dresses or little black dresses are great for this type of occasion.
Night out dresses

These are great examples of night out dresses! The white A-line sweep/ brush train v-neck sleeveless dress can be used for a formal gathering because it is a floor-length dress and the chiffon fabric is also ideal for evening events. On the other hand, the blue A-line sweetheart short dress is a lovely dress for a party with your friends. This dress allows you to move freely on the dance floor. You also show a little of skin, but with a touch of elegance.

  • Find the color: Consider which colors accent your best features. It can vary depending on your skin tone, hair and eye coloring. You can also ask your friends and family for the color that best suits you. At OuterInner we have a wide range of colors that are suitable for all tastes ,and if you like one that you can't see just ask us as we can probably make your dress anyway!

Shop by color

Here you can see how to choose the color for your night out dresses! It's very easy. You just need to click 'shop by features' and you can select any of the colors our dresses have. For color feature we have: blacks, reds, yellows, blues, and many others!

Rage of colors

We have many different colors and styles! You just need to select your favorite and get ready for the night out!

Last but not least, when checking night out dresses don't worry about following trends. The key to choosing good night out dresses that last is to choose the style, cut and color that complement your body, features, and skin tone.

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Why Sheath Dresses Are One 90s Fashion We Still Love

Sheath Dresses Are Back!

Not all 90s fashions are still popular today! Does anyone remember the crimped hair, coloured sunglasses and blonde highlights? How about Vanilla Ice? Luckily sheath dresses are still hanging in there, and are one of the better-looking fashions of the time! Remember Jennifer Aniston's many sheath dresses in 'Friends?' Exactly!
Justin Timberlake 90s fashion mistakeVanilla Ice 90s fashion mistake
Well the 90s may be long ago now (even writing that makes me feel SO old), but Sheath dresses have always been available at OuterInner.com, but did you know that this 90s icon is coming back in fashion in a big way? Many girls aren't sure if a sheath dress is for them, so we're going to look at who they suit and some of the different types that we have on offer at the moment. First lets look at what the sheath dress is, who made them famous and then if they'll work for you:  

What are sheath dresses?

The classic sheath dress is essentially a big, rectangular piece of fabric folded over and sewn along one edge, producing a sheath or tube shape. They are actually one of the oldest styles of dresses, being common thousands of years before Christ in Ancient Egypt. They've remained popular until the present day, but became particularly chic in the 90s. Star of 'Friends,' Jennifer Aniston, was and still is a big fan of sheath dresses. Here she is in 1996 with the other girls from 'Friends' wearing a sheath dress:
Jennifer Aniston sheath dresses 1996
Here's Jennifer again in 2010 wearing, yep, you guessed it, a sheath dress:
Jennifer Aniston wearing sheath dress in 2010
They've remained so in demand because sheath dresses are really simple, timeless dresses that are suitable for women of various shapes and many different occasions. They're usually just one colour, low on detail and are often reasonably short.  

Will Sheath Dresses Suit Me?

It can be hard to find a dress that suits every shape, but sheath dresses are pretty versatile and they are really great for girls with an hourglass figure (but they usually look good in most styles), but also thankfully for pear-shapes. Since the majority of women are pears then sheath dresses are a good addition to your wardrobe! So let's head back in time to the 90s! Since they're pretty figure-hugging, sheath dresses will show off an hourglass shape's curves brilliantly, but they're also good for pears as, although your hips are wider, as long as you balance your upper half you'll also look lovely. Bigger busts won't need to worry about creating that balance, but if you've got a smaller bust then you can wear a shrug or choose a two color dress which has a lighter, more eye-catching color.  

OuterInner's Sheath Dresses

Let's take a look at some of the different kinds of sheath dresses that we offer:
Two Tone Ruffles Short High Neck Sheath Dresses
This two-tone sheath dress would be great for pear shapes as its top is brighter.
Sleeveless Straps Taffeta Sheath Dresses
Very simple sheath dress that's made of shiny taffeta.
Taffeta Knee-length Strapless Sheath Dresses
Cute strapless sheath dress which is nice for parties.
Organza Ruffles Sleeveless Black Tie Event Sheath Dress
Long, classical style sheath dress with beading.
Chiffon Reds Ankle-length Halter Sheath Dresses
Very classy sheath dress that would be at home at a black tie event.
  Do you like these sheath dresses? If not remember that there's a whole range of great value sheath dresses available in hundreds of different colours!   So what do you think of sheath dresses? Are they a 90s fashion that you're glad to welcome back? Are you already a big fan of them? Let us know in the comments below!
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