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Gasp! Look At The 2013 Wedding Dresses That Are Just Around The Corner!

5 Hot 2013 Wedding Dresses You Need To Look Out For!

By Adrian Leighton

As you know there's nothing we like more here than weddings, and so we're really looking forward to getting our hands on all of the newest 2013 wedding dresses! Which styles are going to be big in 2013?

2013 wedding dresses trends

If you're a canny bride then you'll start looking for your perfect wedding dress well in advance of your wedding day! After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, therefore you can't expect to find a dress that's 'just so' very quickly (unless you're lucky enough to just fall upon 'the one'). So if you are getting married in Spring 2013, wedding dresses should be at the top of your to-do list now :-)

Let's Look At 2013 Wedding Dresses Trends

It's time to take a closer look at some of the hot trends coming up for 2013 wedding dresses, so fasten your seatbelts and let's get started:

Colored Wedding Dresses

colored wedding dresses

Most of us would choose white wedding dresses given the choice, but colored wedding dresses are starting to become increasingly popular! Vera Wang, Valentino, and a host of other top designers have recently shown us colorful gowns. You may have seen that Anne Hathaway recently got married in a pink Valentino gown, showing us that even big stars are getting behind this trend!

Illusion Backs

illusion back wedding dresses

Remember the Twilight wedding dress? Who doesn't? Well that beautiful sheer back with delicate lacework is staying hot into 2013, so expect to see gowns with keyholes, lace frames, and lots of embroidered applique. The plus? You look great from every angle! Ask Kirsten ;-)


peplum wedding dresses

If the Vera Wang style above is anything to go by then peplums are going to be BIG in 2013 wedding dresses! Peplums were very popular on the runways in 2012, and we've seen them spilling over into everyday styles and now wedding dresses; and for good reason, as they're super chic and help define waists!

Lace Wedding Dresses

lace wedding dresses

Is lace a 'new' trend? Perhaps not, in fact it's very traditional. But Duchess Kate breathed new life into the style when she got married in that dress. If you're looking for a striking gown with a hint of tradition, then look no further than lace.

Two In One Wedding Dresses

two in one wedding dresses

We've been on top of this trend for a while at OuterInner, and we know the value of having two dresses in one when it comes to your wedding day! Wedding dresses are quite warm and heavy, so many brides are buying a second 'reception dress' that's more comfortable for the party afterwards. But with two in one wedding dresses you can simply detach your skirt and transform a long wedding gown to a shorter party dress in seconds; oh, and think of the money you'll save too!

But wait! There are bound to be more styles, so no it's your turn to tell us...which trends do YOU think are going to be hot when it comes to 2013 wedding dresses? Which would you like to see? Keep checking our wedding dresses for new styles, as they're updated weekly :-)

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Brianne Heath's Wedding Dress

Brianne Heath's wedding Dress

By Adrian Leighton A special thank you goes out to one of our brides, Brianne Heath from Florida, who has given us a really lovely wedding story and lots of gorgeous pictures of her wearing her OuterInner wedding dress on her special day!

Brianne's Wedding Dress & Story

Let's get straight down to it and learn about what made Brianne's day so special and look at her all-important wedding dress:
Strapless V-neck Ruffles Wedding Dress, Style Code: 05354, US$109.00
This was a 2nd wedding and with a groom that is Scottish and most of his family still residing there and my family in Ohio! I live in Florida and the groom lives in Kansas for work just now, so we had to keep it small and intimate or fly people from all over! We settled on a small restaurant (yes, I said restaurant) that wasn't far from our home in Florida that is really quite unique. It's called the Yellow Dog Cafe but don't let the name fool you -- The menu is five stars all the way, made fresh and to order. The restaurant sits right on the Indian River Lagoon and offer several spots to get married, including a dock over 100 feet out on the river if it's just the two of you, two other spots less than 10 feet from the sandy shore or an amazing back porch (which is what we ended up having to do because of the tropical storm that was parked out in the Gulf Of Mexico that brought rain for the entire weekend). In addition, the restaurant itself comprises of several rooms that seat different numbers of people, from 2,4, 8, 12, 30, 50 or over 100 out back on the porch. We were in the new room so you can see how it looks normally and how we dressed it up a bit. Anyway, it was a private ceremony that included our three children, our dog, my parents, a couple that are mutual friends and my hisband's 2nd cousin that lives in the states and made the effort to come on over. The photographer was a friend of mine as was the guy that married us. The dog was our ring bearer, and even with the rain they shut the enormous glass doors to the porch and everyone faced the river as we exchanged vows and rings. Since we have a long distance relationship, I was proposed to through a video that was emailed to me and it was almost a month passed before I could finally see my fiance after being properly "engaged." I decided that if he could propose through the computer, I could put a wedding together via the internet and that's when I set out to find a dress. I liked your site because of the variety. Many online sites have large extravagent gowns online (as do you), but being a bit of a destination wedding as well as a 2nd wedding I was looking for something that still said "wedding dress" but wasn't big, formal and heavy. I found this wedding dress and stopped looking immediately. I ordered it on a friday or saturday night at almost midnight, I was so thrilled (and even more so when it arrived). My only regret is not exploring the entire site before ordering -- I would have added one of your jackets rather than finding and using that large satin wrap as well as some other things like shoes and innerwear. Thank you very much OuterInner for making my day so amazing! Best, Brianne
You are welcome Brianne! The team here at OuterInner is so happy to have been a part of your special day! Let's look at more of Brianne's pictures now:
Brianne and her husband during their ceremony Brianne and her husband during their ceremony  
Brianne's special ring-bearer, her dog Brianne's special ring-bearer, her dog!  
Brianne's ceremony Brianne's ceremony  
The first kiss is always the most special The first kiss is always the most special  
Brianne with her family Brianne with her family  

I Really Love Brianne's wedding Dress, Can I Get It Too Please OuterInner?

You certainly can! The wedding dress is available in a choice of colors (brianne's was in white) and sizes and you can see its information here:
Strapless V-neck Ruffles Wedding Dress, Style Code: 05354, US$109.00 Strapless V-neck Ruffles Wedding Dress, Style Code: 05354, US$109.00 Thank you again Brianne, we loved your pictures and congratulations on your lovely wedding!