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Help! I'm A Bride With An Issue! Help Me Find Perfect Wedding Dresses!

Bride with a problem? Who you gonna call to help you find your ideal wedding dresses? OuterInner.com!

bride needing wedding dresses advice
If you're a bride it's our mission here at OuterInner.com to make your life as easy as possible! You may have certain issues that we can actually help with, such as how to deal with parts of your body that you're not so happy about. You may know that we have a massive range of wedding dresses, and this allows us to offer you a wedding dress that will help you look a million dollars on your special day. Let's take a look at some common issues faced by brides and what kind of wedding dresses we'd advise you to choose to combat them:  

"So, I've got this problem, but which wedding dresses should I be looking at?

confused bride
There are a lot of wedding dresses available, but not all of them will flatter you and leave you looking amazing in your wedding pictures. If you have any areas of your body that you aren't so happy with, then it's important that you choose the right dress to help you with them. By 'help' I mean cover, play-down or distract from. Without further ado, let's get into some common issues faced by brides like you:  

Problem: Chubby Arms

chubby arms
It's very common for arms to become a little chubby over time, but this can look a bit unflattering if you're wearing a sleeveless wedding dress. As a result, brides who just don't have time to hit the gym can feel a little self-conscious about their arms. Solution: Sleeves You will like the coverage that wedding dresses with sleeves offer you and they'll also look very classical and traditional. You have different options too, as you can choose very short capped sleeves, half-length or full length types. Many wedding dresses feature lace sleeves, and they are actually a great way to get more lace into your outfit which is really trendy. Below you can see one of our lovely long-sleeved wedding gowns and if you love it and want to see more, click on the picture to go to their category on our site:
wedding dresses with sleeves

Problem: Big Bust

big bust
Although admired by most men, they don't understand the problems that having a large bust can cause, such as drooping and back pain if you don't have the right level of support. Solution: Bustier, straps & V-neckline If you're a busty girl then you can choose a dress with decent sized straps or a bustier top (strapless with in-built cups) to give you some sturdy support. The V-neck is more aesthetic, as it will make your bust and cleavage look fantastic. How about trying a V neck wedding dress like this one, which has straps for support, but also flatters your bust?
v neck wedding dresses

Problem: Wide Hips

wide load
If you're naturally pear-shaped or have had kids then you may feel that your hips are too wide and that they spoil your profile. So you need to find a wedding dress that plays down the width of your hips and helps you like in proportion. Solution: A-Line Wedding Dresses A-line wedding dresses will fix your silhouette as it flows over your hips giving you a natural and flattering A shaped profile. It can do this by starting out with a fairly high waistline under your bust and flowing down gently. You can also draw the eye away from your hip area by choosing a dress with decoration up top which will naturally draw the eye. This A-line wedding dress below is a good example of what I'm suggesting:
A-line wedding dresses

Problem: A Little Belly

A lot of brides have a bit of a belly, but if you're worried that yours is going to show in your wedding dress then it's going to be best to choose one that hides it a little. Solution: Decoration On Your Torso Decoration anywhere will always serve to hide any imperfections, so you can focus on ruching, ruffles and belts which add texture to your tummy area and can hide any extra weight there. A dress like this one below will be suitable, as it has plenty of pretty ruffling which proves a distraction as you can see:
ruffled wedding dress

Problem: I'm Short!

tiny troll toy
If you're a petite bride you will want to avoid being swamped by your wedding dress and choose one that makes the best of your limited height. Try to avoid dresses with voluminous skirts that will make you appear wider, as these will only help to show that you're even shorter! You know the old advice that short girls need to avoid horizontal lines and go for vertical lines? Well, it's the same with weding dresses. Solution: Sheath Or A-line Wedding Dresses A sheath dress is fairly sleek and will show off your curves, but best of all is that they're quite 'vertical' and because of their straight line they will help add to your height. A slim A-line dress is also a good choice for this reason. So remember, straight and sleek is good, but lots of volume, bulk and width is bad. This simple sheath wedding dress as shown below gives you that great vertical, column shape and can help you to look taller:
sheath wedding dress
Remember that this isn't the only help we can offer you though. If you ever need anything you can contact us and we will always try to help you. Just tell us what you need and we can also call you back for a chat if you leave us your number :-) What are your tips for these different problems? Do you agree with us? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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