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12 Cool Wedding Trends You'll Love Or Hate! (Part1)

12 Wedding Trends You'll Either Love Or Hate! (Part 1)

would you have a bouncy castle at your wedding?
The days of the textbook 'white wedding' are surely over as modern brides are trying more and more weird and wonderful ideas to make their wedding stand out! While seeing your aunty bouncing around on a bouncy castle at the reception, or doing a themed fancy-dress wedding may be a bridge too far, there are a lot of less crazy trends and ideas that brides are embracing these days. Perhaps some might suit you? Let's run through the first 6 of our 12 picks here in part 1:

1. Strapless Wedding Dresses

strapless wedding dresses
Whilst strapless wedding dresses aren't a new sight by any means, wedding purists actually consider them to be a trend, stating that real wedding dresses should have straps! We think that there's nothing better than showing off your pretty neckline with a strapless dress! Would you go strapless?

2. Birdcage Veils

Birdcage Veils
Birdcage veils have seemingly come out of nowhere to become a very hot trend this year. They're a great way to add a touch or glamour and romance to your wedding outfit, but are also really great if you're following a vintage vibe. Bear in mind that birdcage veils usually work best with mermaid and lace wedding dresses. Do you like birdcage wedding veils?

3. Ruched Wedding Dresses

Ruched Wedding Dresses
If you are going for a real 'fairy-tale' look for your wedding dress, then ruched wedding dresses should definitely be a style that you check out. Most of these dresses have heavy ruching, like folds of material, on their skirts which just seem to be melting into each other and have incredible volume reminiscent of 'beauty and the beast' or 'cinderella.' So ruched wedding dresses can really make those princess fantasies come true :-) Are ruched wedding dresses your style?

4. Bling Bridal Bouquet

Bling Bridal Bouquet
Many brides are choosing to 'bling' up their bridal bouquets by adding a few sparkly gemstones or crystals. Imagine if you're having an outdoor wedding and the sun is glinting of your bouquet as you make your way down the aisle. How romantic! What do you think?

5. Colorful Wedding Shoes

Colorful Wedding Shoes
Weddings are undergoing a kind of post-modern movement these days where a lot of brides and grooms are doing many things to move away from what's previously been considered to be 'the norm.' This means that unique, small touches, such as the individuality and pop of color of some colorful wedding shoes under the bride's wedding dress, are becoming popular. Would you choose some spangly shoes and make a statement at your wedding?

6. Mashed Potato In Martini Glasses

Mashed Potato In Martini Glasses
Here's a funny trend that will make you smile! Have you ever been to a wedding where mashed potato is served in martini glasses? I'm not really sure where this trend came from, or even why people started doing this, but it is kind of cute and funny! Would you have this mash on your special day? So how do you feel about these fun trends for your wedding? If none of these do it for you then look out for part 2 where we'll look at the next 5 wedding trends that you might like, or might even be having for your wedding!  

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One Of Our Favorite A-Line Court Train Wedding Dresses Exposed

Getting Up Close And Personal With Our Wedding Dresses

We don't always get a chance to grab a close up look at our wedding dresses here at OuterInner.com as we very quickly ship them as soon as they come in to get them to our brides on time. Luckily I managed to get my hands on this beautiful A-line court train applique taffeta wedding dress while it was in our warehouse and I wanted to share a few pictures with you!  

One Of Our 'Fairytale' Wedding Dresses

This is one of our more traditional wedding dresses and it's perfect for your fairytale wedding! Here you can see a front view of the dress. As you can see, this wedding dress is characterised by its ornate decoration. The ruffled bodice and body, beading work and lace applique are delicate and pretty:
Ivory A-line Court Train Applique Taffeta Wedding dresses front
Here is a closer view where you can see the detail that's gone into the lace applique and gently sparkling beading:
Ivory A-line Court Train Applique Taffeta Wedding dresses close up
Below is a wider view where you can see the overall effect of the court train as well as the gently folded skirt which is not only accessorized with further lace applique, but reveals the layered nature of the skirt with more applique on a sheer layer below:
Ivory A-line Court Train Applique Taffeta Wedding dresses wide
Finally let's look at the back of the wedding dress where you can see that the delicate ruffles, applique and beading continue and the corset's perfectly finished with a supremely gorgeous lace-up back with a sleek, white ribbon:
Ivory A-line Court Train Applique Taffeta Wedding dresses back

Where Can I Find More OuterInner wedding Dresses?

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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Svetlana's Wedding Dress

Real Customer Reviews: Svetlana Alyeva

It's always a cause of great excitement here in the OuterInner.com offices when one of our brides sends in pictures of herself in her beautiful OuterInner wedding dress! There's always a stampede to the monitor and plenty of smiles! The latest person to get married in one of our dresses is a bride called Svetlana Aliyeva from Baku, in Azerbaijan. She told us:
Thanks so much for my wonderful dress! It was beautiful and very comfortable! I'm so glad you could be a part of my happy day :-) Thanks again for your nice work!
Svetlana sent us three lovely pictures of herself wearing her beautiful wedding gown which you can see if you follow this link: http://bit.ly/rr6eUJ.
customer Svetlana wearing her wedding dress
customer Svetlana wearing her wedding dress
customer Svetlana wearing her wedding dress
How beautiful are these pictures?! Svetlana looks fabulous and it looks like she had a great day and in a beautiful lakeside setting! So from all of us at OuterInner.com, we'd like to say a big congratulations to Svetlana and thank you for choosing us to make your wedding dress as well as sharing your lovely pictures with us! Do you like Svetlana's wedding dress? Do you like this style of dress or would you (or did you) choose a different style for your wedding? Let us know by leaving a comment below please!
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