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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Lucinda Corley's Wedding Dress

Real Customer Reviews: Lucinda Corley's Wedding Dress

We'd like to extend our thanks and congratulations to the recently married Lucinda Corley from Austin, Texas, who wore one of our wedding dresses on her wedding day. Lucinda looks gorgeous and we're proud that she chose OuterInner.com to be a part of her special day! Below you can see Lucinda in her wedding dress and you can click on the picture to see further info or follow this link A-line Lace Wedding Dress With Brush Train
A-line Lace Wedding Dress With Brush Train

Lucinda Loved Her Wedding Dress!

This particular wedding dress is one of our very popular styles, probably due to its beautiful lacework. It has a style that's perhaps a little similar to the now legendary dress worn by Princess Kate when she married Prince William. Especially attractive is its V-necked bodice which is accessorized with a lot of delicate lacework which continues onto the sheer sleeves. Happily Lucinda loved her dress! This is what Lucinda had to say:
Thank you OuterInner.com! After very few alterations, my wedding dress fit and looked fantastic, if I do say so myself! ;-) Lucinda Montgomery, now Lucinda Corley
Here's another picture of Lucinda in her dress:
A-line Lace Wedding Dress With Brush Train  
So, you've seen this wedding dress and if you love it too now you can get more information by clicking the picture below:
A-line Lace Wedding Dress With Brush Train
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