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Friday Update: Shawls & Boleros, Holiday Offers And Win Free Stuff!

OuterInner News

TFI Friday!! Brace yourselves for holiday cheer and news from your very own OuterInner.com! The holiday season is upon us and you'll see that there are many sales on in stores all around you. Things are no different here, so read on for news and to see how we're going to save you a bunch of money so you're still in the black come 2012!  

Incoming! Shawls And Boleros!

You asked, we delivered. Click here to see our new range of great value shawls and boleros.
shawls and boleros
So ,why do you need a shawl, wrap or bolero? Well, you can consider them if you're attending an outdoor event where it may be a little cool or you want to keep your shoulders covered. Luckily you'll be able to choose one in a color that matches your dress as there's a wide choice, or if you're unsure, just email us at 'inquiry@outerinner.com' and ask what we suggest and we will gladly suggest an option or two for you :-)  

Keep Checking The 'New In' Category For Our Newest Items!

We are not only upgrading our photos to give you a better idea of what our occasions dresses look like, but also adding new items all the time. If you want to be first in line for our new items then follow this link to see our new in items as soon as they're released!  

Don't Miss The 'Weekend Win Giveaway' Every Weekend This December On Facebook!

If you haven't read our blog about the Weekend Win Giveaway yet then please click on it to read it and see what you can win! Basically we're giving away free gifts to lucky winners every weekend this month ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. Last week we gave away two FREE sets of sexy christmas wear to our lucky winners, Ruti Tuti and Diane Stacey Malcolm. Do you want to join them and receive a FREE gift this holiday season?! **It's happening now, so go to our FACEBOOK PAGE and join in to be in with a chance of winning!**  

December Ready-To-Go-Dresses Sale: Dresses = $40, Delivery = 7 Days! Now That's Maths we Can All Appreciate!

ready to go dresses sale banner
Would you like a dress delivered to you within 7 days for less than $100? Well you certainly can now! We've cut the cost of our quick delivery dresses (some are only $40!) and they only take a week to get to you! This sale is on all December, so click on this link to shop in our Ready-To-Go-Dresses Sale!  

Save As A Group With The 'Holiday Group On Offer'

We are simply giving away discounts with this offer. If you're considering placing an order with us, DON'T place until you read about this special offer! :-)
holiday group on offer
Team up with your friends to get a crazy 65% off any occasions dresses from OuterInner! You have 2 options:
  1. To get the biggest savings, buy as a group! First get your group on code here and remember to give it to lots of friends, then everyone place their order using this code and pay with PayPal. Then we'll give you each a discount on the dresses that you order from between 25% to 65%!
  • It's also possible to get a smaller 15% discount if you get your code and then post it on our facebook page wall along with the words 'holiday group on offer' and then place your order using it. OK, it's a smaller discount, but we're giving you 15% off for doing nothing more than posting your code on our wall! Easy!
  Here's the Group On Page, so go here to read more about this exciting offer and get your all-important group on code! Just click the button to get your code and follow the instruction, it's easy! Team up and go for the 65%!  

Facebook Only Offers

Calling all of our Facebook fans! If you head to our Facebook page's welcome tab you'll see a special discount offer that's just for you!
outerinner facebook page welcome tab
Go to our Facebook page today and you can grab your discount! Happy holidays!
fb fan gift

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

I received my dress and when I opened the package I am very disappointed, it looks totally wrong, the fabric used and the way it is cut is very poor and it also looks really strange. What's happened? Dear customer, we would like to remind you that when we pack and ship the dress, it is folded up inside out. As the occasions dress is a very delicate piece of clothing, we fold it inside out to protect the outer layer of the dress, especially ones with beading and embroidery. We expect you to turn around the dress to reverse it, so you will see the beautiful outer side of the dress. I noticed the price of some items has gone up, why is that? (The original price has gone up, without any promotion or sales accounted.) We have adjusted our pricing for some dresses because of the increase in material and labour costs due to a new labour law enforced by the Chinese government. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but you could take advantage of one of the offers I spoke about earlier in this blog to get yourself a tasty discount! ;-0 Will the Christmas holidays make my package late? China is 'open for business' during Christmas and so post leaving us will not be affected very much or at all, however there may be some delays in your country. As ever with any holidays the key to getting packages on time is to order as early as possible to account for any delay. Don't forget to also take advantage of our quick delivery dresses too, as these are delivered more quickly, some within 1 week! Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help! Want to save 65% off the price of your OuterInner dress? Now you can! Watch this video now to see how the OuterInner.com 'Holiday Group On Offer' works:
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