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2014 Wedding Dress Trends: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress


Shopping For The Hottest 2014 Wedding Dress Trends

2014 wedding dress trends

Today's brides love to able to find the big 2014 wedding dress trends easily and quickly when searching for their dream dresses. We have great news! Not only are we offering 2014's cutting edge bridal styles direct from the catwalks, but there's also a simple way to find them in amongst our many wedding gowns! In this blog we're going to see how to find the trends, and see some of the styles love for 2014 weddings!

Searching For 2014 Wedding Dress Trends Couldn't Be Easier

First of all let's find the 2014 wedding dress trends by going to OuterInner's wedding gowns category. Once there you'll see the styles and categories to the left of your screen, and now you should focus on "Trends."

2014 wedding dress trends

These trends make up some of the hottest wedding styles for 2014, so check the one/s you're interested in and enjoy seeing the dresses you like, and not those you're uninterested in.

Which 2014 Wedding Dress Trends Do OuterInner.com Suggest?

Every bride has her own taste, but if we had to choose we like these trends. 2in1 wedding gowns 1. 2-in-1 wedding gowns. These clever styles have a detachable skirt, allowing your wedding dress to convert from long to short in the blink of an eye. Why do this? First you'll save money over buying a separate reception dress, and secondly a shorter style's a lot more comfortable when you're mingling with friends and family at your reception.   open back wedding dresses 2. Open back wedding dresses. These glorious dresses are both stylish, and avant-garde. Brides looking for an eye-catching style need look no further, and they're often made with wonderful lace too! Modern, comfortable, and with a hint of seductive flirtiness. What's not to love?        

serious sparkle wedding gowns3. Serious sparkle wedding gowns. All of these styles are embroidered and accessorized with lots and lots of sparkly beading, sequins, or crystals. Choose these dresses if you are looking for a fun style that's sure to stay in the memory of your friends & family for years to come!

These gowns often feature sparkle on their bodices, straps, or skirts - so take your pic, and choose the style that's right for you!

  two tone wedding gowns

4. Two-tone wedding gowns. A great choice for modern brides. These gowns incorporate two colors, either in a sash, belt, or even in

the main dress. This is great as it allows you to carry over your wedding colors into the gown itself, meaning that you have a very slick, color-coordinated day and some amazing photos!

As with most OuterInner wedding dresses, you don't just need to go with white as a base color either. In fact you can choose 2 completely different colors to suit your wedding theme, or however adventurous you are!

  There are more trends to choose from if these few aren't your style, so see them by clicking here!


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