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Choosing & Using Your Wedding Colors Like A Boss!

OuterInner.com's Guide To Choosing & Using Your Wedding Colors Like A Boss!

By Adrian Leighton A customer asked me about how to choose her wedding color-scheme on our OuterInner facebook page recently, so I thought I'd expand on what I was telling her in this blog. After all, we're all about weddings here, so any way we can help is a pleasure!
where to start to find your wedding colors
There are several things to consider when choosing the colors for your wedding:
  1. Think about both of your favorite colors. Can you incorporate these, or shades of them? After all, they are your favorites, so you'll definitely like them!
  • Does your venue have a color of its own, for instance wallpaper of a certain color? If so you will want to choose colors that do not clash, and preferably fit in with this.
  • Grab color swatches from the paint section of your local hardware store. They're free, and can help you both decide at home.
  • Think of the 'emotion' of your wedding. Is it peaceful, fun, classy, or energetic? This will have a bearing on your choice.
  • Use the internet to help you get inspired! For example, you can try our Pinterest board: "Lovely Wedding Ideas," to help get color and style ideas for free again.
  You'll find loads of cool color examples on line, like this one:
navy and cranberry wedding colors

How Do I Use Color In My Day?

If you have found the colors you like, then there are heaps of fun ways to incorporate color into your day.

Wedding Dress

Everyone knows that bridesmaid dresses can be certain colors, but have you considered adding color to your wedding dress? Don't be too horrified at the idea! If you are a purist and can't bear the idea of not having a white dress it's OK, as many white wedding dresses have little pops of color these days, such as a sash, or decoration. Take a look at this wedding dress for instance:
Strapless Mermaid Back Tie Wedding Gown, Style Code: 08974, US$245.00
Strapless Mermaid Back Tie Wedding Gown, Style Code: 08974, US$245.00 As you can see, this dress has an embroidered red sash which, far from overpowering the white of the dress, actually adds a more regal style to it!    

Bridesmaid Dresses

You can also co-ordinate your maids, as mentioned. The usual method is to choose bridesmaid dresses that are one of your main color picks, but in fact many brides these days are trying different, interesting, ways to mix things up a little. How about:
  • Same style dresses, same colors?
Same style dresses, same colors  
  • Same style, different colors?
  Same style, different colors  
  • Different styles of dresses in one color?
  Different styles of bridesmaid dresses in one color  
  • Dresses in different shades of the one color?
  Bridesmaid dresses in different shades of the one color

Wedding Invitations

Don't forget to use one or more of your colors on your wedding invitation and perhaps table name settings. How about this example below where the couple have used a dark red color:
colored wedding invitation


You can really go to town when it comes to your flowers, and the good thing is that they're usually available in any color that you can possibly dream up! Again, finding flower color ideas isn't tough, and Pinterest is your friend, for example, our board "Gorgeous Wedding Bouquets." How about these cheerful colors?
wedding bouquet

Wedding Cake

The cake is another important focal point of your day, and there's no reason why you can't incorporate colors into it. Don't think that they are all white, they're pretty crazy at times these days! Love this one?
colorful wedding cake
I'm sure there are many other ways to use color! Why don't you tell us what you did for your wedding? Which colors did or would you choose? Remember, for all things wedding, come and give our dresses at try at OuterInner.com!

30% OFF EVERYTHING in the OuterInner.com Thanksgiving Sale!

OuterInner.com Thanksgiving Sale: 30% OFF Everything 22 To 24 Nov

OuterInner.com Thanksgiving Sale

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends! To celebrate we've just launched the OuterInner.com Thanksgiving Sale where EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE IS DOWN BY 30% between November 22nd to 24th 2012!!

If you've had your eye ona dress recently, or you're preparing for a wedding, then NOW is a great time to buy, as this is the last time we'll do a big, site-wide sale in 2012!

What Will YOU Buy In The OuterInner.com Thanksgiving Sale?

Everything is reduced in the OuterInner.com Thanksgiving Sale, but what will you buy? Let's look at some examples to see how low our prices are now:

Corset Back Heavily Beaded Trumpet Wedding Dress, Style Code: 08930

Corset Back Heavily Beaded Trumpet Wedding Dress, Style Code: 08930

This beautiful wedding dressis down from $349 to just $244.30! That's a big saving on a hand-made, lace wedding dress!

Empire Beading Keyhole Halter Dress, Style Code: 10515

Empire Beading Keyhole Halter Dress, Style Code: 10515

This amazing party dress is so gorgeous, and it's reduced to just $69.30 from $99!

Floral Chiffon A-Line Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress, Style Code: 10513

Floral Chiffon A-Line Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress, Style Code: 10513

This pretty bridesmaid dress is a real steal at just $83.30 down from $119!

So yes, there is a shipping fee to your location, BUT now the savings will pay for that, so you're going to be able to get your dream dress easier and cheaper than ever before! ;-) But hurry, this offer is only on between the 22nd to 24th of November 2012!

Professional's Secrets To Storing Your Wedding Dresses Revealed!

Storing Your Wedding Dresses Like A Pro

By Adrian Leighton
storing wedding dresses
So you've spent a long time searching through wedding dresses and have found the perfect style! If you're a wise bride you won't have left it 'til the last minute, but what do you do with the dress in the months or weeks before the wedding? It's important to store your wedding dress securely and properly to keep it in tip-top condition so that when you finally wear it you look perfect; this means avoiding any creasing, dust, and grime!

Storing Wedding Dresses Step-By-Step

Maybe you don't know much about storing a wedding dress...why would you? So here are the steps the professionals recommend you follow to keep your wedding dresses looking brand new.
  1. Get the dress professionally dry-cleaned. This will mean that the dress is 100% crease free and sparkling clean, BUT make sure only to use a dry-cleaner who you trust to avoid mistakes! This step is especially important if you buy a dress from an on line store like OuterInner.com, because in transit wedding dresses can unfortunately become a little creased.
  • If your wedding is within a week or so of the cleaning then it will be OK to hang them carefully in a garment bag such as the one you can see below. This will keep the shape of the dress, help it to avoid creases, and keep any dirty fingers well away.
wedding dresses garment bag
But garment bags do have their drawbacks. If they're made of plastic this isn't the kindest material on delicate fabrics as it won't let them breathe, and if you have a wedding dress with a long skirt or train then this can become bunched in the bottom of the bag leading to creases. So consider garment bags a short-term solution only.  
  • If your wedding is several weeks or even months away, then you'll need to get creative to keep your wedding dress looking amazing! Our suggestion is to use the 'sandwich method' to store it. This is where you hang your pressed wedding dress between two large cotton sheets, pinning the edges of the sheet to make a kind of enclosed sandwich.
  With trains be sure to let the dress hang all the way down without dragging on the floor, so hanging from a high place such as a curtain rail would be ideal if it's in the home.

"What If I Want To Store My wedding Dress Long-Term After I'm Married?"

If you are planning on storing your wedding dress after your wedding, for instance to be handed down as an heirloom, then the same instructions apply except that you should store it flat, not hung up, as this can stretch the fabric over time mis-shaping the dress. If you are handling a very old,stored wedding dress then it's also advisable to wear gloves to protect the fabric from your skin's oil (no joke!), but you should certainly get it out to air it once every couple of years or so.
wear gloves when handling stored wedding dresses This lady has the right idea, as she's wearing white cotton gloves to handle stored wedding dresses.  
Will you be ordering wedding dresses in advance of your wedding day? If so, how will you store them? What are your tips? Let us know by commenting please :-)

Gasp! Look At The 2013 Wedding Dresses That Are Just Around The Corner!

5 Hot 2013 Wedding Dresses You Need To Look Out For!

By Adrian Leighton

As you know there's nothing we like more here than weddings, and so we're really looking forward to getting our hands on all of the newest 2013 wedding dresses! Which styles are going to be big in 2013?

2013 wedding dresses trends

If you're a canny bride then you'll start looking for your perfect wedding dress well in advance of your wedding day! After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, therefore you can't expect to find a dress that's 'just so' very quickly (unless you're lucky enough to just fall upon 'the one'). So if you are getting married in Spring 2013, wedding dresses should be at the top of your to-do list now :-)

Let's Look At 2013 Wedding Dresses Trends

It's time to take a closer look at some of the hot trends coming up for 2013 wedding dresses, so fasten your seatbelts and let's get started:

Colored Wedding Dresses

colored wedding dresses

Most of us would choose white wedding dresses given the choice, but colored wedding dresses are starting to become increasingly popular! Vera Wang, Valentino, and a host of other top designers have recently shown us colorful gowns. You may have seen that Anne Hathaway recently got married in a pink Valentino gown, showing us that even big stars are getting behind this trend!

Illusion Backs

illusion back wedding dresses

Remember the Twilight wedding dress? Who doesn't? Well that beautiful sheer back with delicate lacework is staying hot into 2013, so expect to see gowns with keyholes, lace frames, and lots of embroidered applique. The plus? You look great from every angle! Ask Kirsten ;-)


peplum wedding dresses

If the Vera Wang style above is anything to go by then peplums are going to be BIG in 2013 wedding dresses! Peplums were very popular on the runways in 2012, and we've seen them spilling over into everyday styles and now wedding dresses; and for good reason, as they're super chic and help define waists!

Lace Wedding Dresses

lace wedding dresses

Is lace a 'new' trend? Perhaps not, in fact it's very traditional. But Duchess Kate breathed new life into the style when she got married in that dress. If you're looking for a striking gown with a hint of tradition, then look no further than lace.

Two In One Wedding Dresses

two in one wedding dresses

We've been on top of this trend for a while at OuterInner, and we know the value of having two dresses in one when it comes to your wedding day! Wedding dresses are quite warm and heavy, so many brides are buying a second 'reception dress' that's more comfortable for the party afterwards. But with two in one wedding dresses you can simply detach your skirt and transform a long wedding gown to a shorter party dress in seconds; oh, and think of the money you'll save too!

But wait! There are bound to be more styles, so no it's your turn to tell us...which trends do YOU think are going to be hot when it comes to 2013 wedding dresses? Which would you like to see? Keep checking our wedding dresses for new styles, as they're updated weekly :-)

Save On Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses Between 27th ~ 29th September!

3 Day Only Wedding Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses Promotion! Sep 27 to 29 ONLY!

By Adrian Leighton What would you say if I told you that for only 3 days you're able to save loads of money on OuterInner's gorgeous, custom made, wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses? You'd be excited we hope! As we head into Fall (or Spring depending where you are), I've managed to twist the bosses' arm and they're allowing me to give you some cool discounts, but you need to act fast as these discount codes are only valid between September 27th to 29th 2012 (PST), just 3 days!

15% OFF Any OuterInner Wedding Dresses

15% OFF Any OuterInner Wedding Dresses
If you're planning on buying a wedidng dress soon, then don't miss this code: FB27WD! This code should be added into the special code box at checkout and it's worth a tasty 15% OFF your dress cost!

$20 OFF Any Bridesmaid Dresses Orders Worth $100 Or More

$20 OFF Any Bridesmaid Dresses Worth $100 Or More
Got your eye on some bridesmaid dresses from OuterInner? If you spend $100 or more (this could be one or more dresses), this code will entitle you to a $20 discount on your order: FB27BM! Once again, you should add this code to the special instruction box at checkout to get your discount! :-)

Wait! I Want My Discount, But I Don't Know How To Use An OuterInner.com Discount Code!

Don't worry! Maybe it's your first time to use an OuterInner.com discount code, but it's easy! Here's how to do it, step-by-step:
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  • Choose the dress/es you'd like and add them to your shopping bag
  • Finally, when you have selected you shipping and payment method you'll be on the final step, and before you click place order you should add your code to the box that's indicated below, hit apply to add the code, and then go ahead and place your order! You'll see that the amount changes to reflect your discount :-)
add your special code here
So go grab yourself a bargain before it's too late! Remember, these codes are only valid between the 27th to 29th of September 2012! Start looking for your wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses today before it's too late to save! :-)

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Brianne Heath's Wedding Dress

Brianne Heath's wedding Dress

By Adrian Leighton A special thank you goes out to one of our brides, Brianne Heath from Florida, who has given us a really lovely wedding story and lots of gorgeous pictures of her wearing her OuterInner wedding dress on her special day!

Brianne's Wedding Dress & Story

Let's get straight down to it and learn about what made Brianne's day so special and look at her all-important wedding dress:
Strapless V-neck Ruffles Wedding Dress, Style Code: 05354, US$109.00
This was a 2nd wedding and with a groom that is Scottish and most of his family still residing there and my family in Ohio! I live in Florida and the groom lives in Kansas for work just now, so we had to keep it small and intimate or fly people from all over! We settled on a small restaurant (yes, I said restaurant) that wasn't far from our home in Florida that is really quite unique. It's called the Yellow Dog Cafe but don't let the name fool you -- The menu is five stars all the way, made fresh and to order. The restaurant sits right on the Indian River Lagoon and offer several spots to get married, including a dock over 100 feet out on the river if it's just the two of you, two other spots less than 10 feet from the sandy shore or an amazing back porch (which is what we ended up having to do because of the tropical storm that was parked out in the Gulf Of Mexico that brought rain for the entire weekend). In addition, the restaurant itself comprises of several rooms that seat different numbers of people, from 2,4, 8, 12, 30, 50 or over 100 out back on the porch. We were in the new room so you can see how it looks normally and how we dressed it up a bit. Anyway, it was a private ceremony that included our three children, our dog, my parents, a couple that are mutual friends and my hisband's 2nd cousin that lives in the states and made the effort to come on over. The photographer was a friend of mine as was the guy that married us. The dog was our ring bearer, and even with the rain they shut the enormous glass doors to the porch and everyone faced the river as we exchanged vows and rings. Since we have a long distance relationship, I was proposed to through a video that was emailed to me and it was almost a month passed before I could finally see my fiance after being properly "engaged." I decided that if he could propose through the computer, I could put a wedding together via the internet and that's when I set out to find a dress. I liked your site because of the variety. Many online sites have large extravagent gowns online (as do you), but being a bit of a destination wedding as well as a 2nd wedding I was looking for something that still said "wedding dress" but wasn't big, formal and heavy. I found this wedding dress and stopped looking immediately. I ordered it on a friday or saturday night at almost midnight, I was so thrilled (and even more so when it arrived). My only regret is not exploring the entire site before ordering -- I would have added one of your jackets rather than finding and using that large satin wrap as well as some other things like shoes and innerwear. Thank you very much OuterInner for making my day so amazing! Best, Brianne
You are welcome Brianne! The team here at OuterInner is so happy to have been a part of your special day! Let's look at more of Brianne's pictures now:
Brianne and her husband during their ceremony Brianne and her husband during their ceremony  
Brianne's special ring-bearer, her dog Brianne's special ring-bearer, her dog!  
Brianne's ceremony Brianne's ceremony  
The first kiss is always the most special The first kiss is always the most special  
Brianne with her family Brianne with her family  

I Really Love Brianne's wedding Dress, Can I Get It Too Please OuterInner?

You certainly can! The wedding dress is available in a choice of colors (brianne's was in white) and sizes and you can see its information here:
Strapless V-neck Ruffles Wedding Dress, Style Code: 05354, US$109.00 Strapless V-neck Ruffles Wedding Dress, Style Code: 05354, US$109.00 Thank you again Brianne, we loved your pictures and congratulations on your lovely wedding!

12 Useful Blogs You May Have Missed From OuterInner.com (Part 1)

12 Useful Blogs You May Have Missed From OuterInner.com (Part 1)

12 useful posts you need to hear about
We're always producing blogs here at OuterInner.com and if you have missed any here's a list of 12 of our most useful blogs from the last year. Whether you're a bride, attending prom or just need some tips on buying dresses there's some good tips for everyone!  

1. Formal Dresses Sizing Tips From OuterInner

measurement guide
Buying dresses online can sometimes be a bit confusing when it comes to working out which size you need. To make matters worse, each online store won't necessarily have the same sizes as another. That's why we put together our definitive guide to taking your measurements correctly and understanding our size charts in this blog. Now getting that custom-sized dress will be a cinch as you'll know exactly how to take your measurements and to see which size you are based on our standard sizing.  

2. Re-Wearable Bridesmaid Dresses: The Perfect Gift

casual bridesmaid dress that is also a nice party dress
In this blog we look at a selection of bridesmaid dresses that are not only suitable for weddings, but can be worn again and again at other events making them the ideal gift for your girls. Like the idea of that? Read the blog and see if a re-wearable bridesmaid dress is something you'd choose for your bridesmaids.  

3. 8 Tips To Find A Perfect Dress To Wear When Attending A Wedding

wedding invitation
You hear the sound of a letter falling to the mat and go pick it up. Your friend has invited you to her wedding! But what are you going to wear? Worry not! As in this blog we tackle this common problem and will give you eight great ideas about what kinds of dresses are ideal for wedding guests.  

4. 2012's Top 5 Wedding Dresses Trends

There are so many new styles of wedding dresses coming out all of the time, it can be hard to know what's for you.
illusion neckline wedding dresses
If you're a bride and are looking for unique and lovely wedding dresses for your wedding this year then you can get inspiration from our 5 top trends of wedding dresses in 2012 like this lovely illusion neckline dress above. Click here to read the blog and get up-to-date on the must-wear trends for any fashionable bride!  

5. Are You Ready For A 'Trash The Dress' Wedding Dresses Shoot?

What's a 'Trash The Dress Photoshoot' and would you like to do one?
trash the dress wedding dresses
As you can see in the picture above, a TTD shoot would be quite edgy and fun, but perhaps it isn't for everyone! Contrary to its name, you don't have to trash your dress, although they may get dirty. Let's delve further into this cool new wedding trend in this blog and you never know, you might fall in love with it!  

6. Body Conscious? Don't Miss The Benefits Of Hot Lingerie!

Very few of us have a 'perfect' figure, but if you thought that sexy lingerie is only for women with a model's figure then think again. We all know that hot lingerie can add some spice to things in the bedroom, or just empower you, leaving you feeling sexy and feminine, but did you know that it can in fact help you to hide your weaker features?
black teddy
Keep reading this blog to see some common types of sexy lingerie that can help you gain confidence even if you're a bit worried about certain issues.   So that's Part 1 of our top 12 useful blog posts finished, but look out for part 2 coming soon!
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Share The Love! How To Review OuterInner.com & Get Money Off!

How To Review OuterInner.com

happy girl

A Happy Day

You've been waiting, looking forward to getting your hands on your new OuterInner.com package. Could it be an occasions dress or perhaps sexy lingerie? Finally, a couple of weeks or so have passed and the postman appears at your door and hands you your package, great! You greedily tear into the package to get at the beauty that's waiting inside and, joy, your dress is so beautiful! Thanks OuterInner!  

Why To Share Your Opinion About OuterInner.com

Are we a winner? Let everyone know! We know that you're placing a certain amount of trust in us when you choose us here at OuterInner.com to produce dresses and other items for you. Thank you for waiting patiently! There are a few good reasons to review us:
  • Tell your friends about a good store. It's great to share your thoughts with your friends, especially if you're buying, say, bridesmaid dresses as a group. Then they will also get some good tips about reliable online stores.
  • You're happy with OuterInner's service and want to tell us. We're not some huge, faceless, multinational that doesn't care about you. We're a small and friendly team and always love to hear from our customers. That's why if you'd like to share some words and pictures of you in your dresses with us we'll write them up and publish them in your very own blog post!
  • Tell the story of your wedding and your dresses. In the case of weddings we know that you've spent many painstaking hours planning them so they are perfect. So why not let everyone know the results of your efforts by sharing your story and your thoughts about and pictures of your wedding or bridesmaid dresses?
  • We'll give you a $20 voucher to use against your next purchase! We reward customers who review us, so if you are prepared to take 5 minutes to jot down your thoughts then we'll get a voucher to you as a thankyou! (Voucher valid for 6 months, so you have plenty of time to use it. We will email it to you, so remember to give us your email address.)

I'm Happy, So How Do I Review OuterInner.com Then?

happy girl 2
We suggest several different ways for you to review OuterInner.com, and you can find all of these in an easy-to-read place on our facebook page.
outerinner.com facebook page review tab
Click on this tab on the OuterInner.com Facebook page!   There are 4 ways you can spread the good news:
  1. Go to Reseller Ratings and leave your review in our section. This site is perfect for any product and is open to people all around the world: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/OuterInner
  • Email us a picture or a few pictures of yourself in your OuterInner.com dress along with a short description about what you thought of the dress itself and the shopping experience with us to: mkt@outerinner.com we will publish this on-site as a blog post to spread your good news.
  You will need to register on those websites above, but it only takes a moment or two and is FREE. After you post your review please send us the link (where the review is) and we will email your voucher to you :-D

Thank You For Choosing OuterInner.com!

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