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Cocktail Hour

You're trying to figure out that song they're playing. Your sister used to play it all the time. It's an 80's hit. Oh it's driving you crazy. Always in time, but never in line for dreams. Head over heels when toe to toe. This is the sound of my soul. Spandau Ballet! The waiter comes over and asks you if you want another drink. You ask for a Cosmo with a Sambuca chaser. Work hard, play hard. That's the mantra.

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You're good at what you do. You love what you do. You get paid well. You're single and there's nothing wrong with wanting to mingle. But you're not interested just yet in settling down. Maybe in a couple of years. After you've bought your 3rd house and you've been to Nepal alone. Just one of those places where trying to figure out what each other is thinking or you, no you, no you go ahead just kills the mood. Life is pretty special and you only get one try on this magical mystery tour we call living.

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So you're in it to carpe diem to the fullest. You see Brad, he's in Accounting. He comes over to talk to you. Sandy, you look amazing. Love your dress. And the dangle earrings, brilliant. Wow Brad, you know about dangle earrings? I have sisters you know. You make small talk, you laugh, talk about work, gossip, you see Jasmine from Marketing and hastily retreat to the sidelines. Once Jasmine starts going on about Instagram there's no stopping her.

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The light is just so and you notice that Brad's kinda cute and it's been 6 months since you broke up with Vince. And yeah I look great in this dress I know it. I got it from OuterInner.com.
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