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Date Evening

All work and no play can make anyone dull and depressed. Especially now that the cold has arrived and we hear it plans on staying for a bit. So to shake things up may we suggest -- date night! Yup that's right once a week, set aside a night for a bit of R & R & R. That's rest, relaxation, and...romance, you silly.

22230 Collier Longueur Moyenne Matte Or Gloss19799 Plunge V Back Lace Mini Bodycon Dress

Oh boo hoo I know what you're thinking, but I've got nothing to wear except these tired old sweat pants and baggy sweaters from college. And I've got no money to buy myself a new look. To that we say where there is a will there's a way. Here then we bring you some fresh new looks without breaking the bank. Looks that are simply stylish, and favorably fashionable. Plus we've assembled some affordable yet statement making jewelry to go along with your new visuals.

22076 Trapezoid Mirrored Rhinestone Collar Choker Necklace 13368 Color Block Stripe Top Bodycon Cocktail Dress

Dresses to delight and jewels to re-juvenate. Beat the winter blahs and take out that one you love (or just someone that makes you smile) to a nice dinner, ok maybe candlelight is a bit hokey, but what about pasta and a bottle of wine and then another bottle of wine, and then a couple of shots, and then that look, and a kiss, and then let's get the check and head home as fast as we can. The fact is, modern life wrecks a lot of damage to modern relationships and it's up to you to do something to stop the boredom. Think of it like this, a few bucks here and there is nothing compared to the money you'll spend when it's each takes half and the lawyer fees. Just saying.

22234 Two Tone Icon Metal Geometry Triple Necklace 19791 Sleeveless Lace Insert Sheer Back Slit Maxi Dress

And if you're single, then maybe you want to slow things down. Maybe nothing serious until the 9th date, but you'll never know until you take the first date. Enjoy your shopping and your night out. From OuterInner ThusFeel.
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