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If You Like Jewelry (Who Doesn't?) You'll Love FREE Jewelry!

So it's no secret that OuterInner.com has recently launched an exciting new fashion category: jewelry. Specifically they're being marketed under the ThusFeel brand name. ThusFeel shares the same values that have gone into making us one of the web's most popular online destinations for occasion dresses, namely quality and value, but ThusFeel is also about feeling (as evidenced in its name), fashion, passion, lifestyle and all the things that go into looking good and feeling great. new_customer_free_jewelry_201412_cat_en In terms of demographics, Jewelry by ThusFeel is aimed at women who not only want to look their best, but do so in a way that's effortless, versatile, and full of flair. The solution? ThusFeel's exhirilating range of statement necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets for a customizable look that says easy elegance and classic charisma. And now, to show you all how great ThusFeel jewelry truly is, we're having a limited time promotion where as long you spend at least $69 at OuterInner.com, we invite you to choose any piece of ThusFeel jewelry your heart fancies and receive it as a gift from us, completely free of charge. 11408X005_1 Simply sign up for a new customer account and start shopping on our site, adding items to your shopping bag as you would normally. Before you check out however, browse through our jewelry catalog noting the style code of the jewelry item you'd like as a gift. Next enter the following code (JEWELRY15), not including the brackets at checkout. Afterwhich, a generic gift entry box will appear in your shopping bag. Enter* the style code of the jewelry item you'd like in that box to let us know your choice. That's it! *If no style code is entered, we'll randomly select a gift to send you. We're confident that you'll find ThusFeel jewelry delightful, remarkable, and wholly conducive to fashion whose only purpose is to express the inner beauty of the wearer.
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