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New York Fashion Week: Fashion Collections for Spring 2015

Yep, the New York fashion week had come to an end yesterday, which will be the guide for the upcoming fashion collections for spring and summer 2015… It’s the fashion calendar. As the long last fashionable events of this season, the schedule for New York Fashion Week was completed yesterday. Guys and gals from worldwide gather to catch a glimpse of their favorite designers’ collections, while also debuting some fashionable digs of their own! OuterInner will review the notable moments with you now! Marc by Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Finishes Big  When it comes to a highlight, so is Marc by Marc Jacobs. The designers have gained back a lot of ground the collection lost, reclaiming its original ideal of youthful verve. He moved through to slouchy pants, dresses and jumpsuits bejeweled with large ovals in softer tons that included cream, brown and jewel-tone blue. And the ovals were also used all over some wispy, long sleeve, short-collar dresses.

Mac Coat With Belt

 Calvin Klein Embraces Curves

Calvin Klein NYFW

Classic and sophisticated, the spring collection from Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein moved fluidly in papyrus white sleeveless dresses and read and blue leather on Thursday, the final day of New York Fashion Week.

Longline Wool-Blend Trench Coat

 Ralph Lauren Takes a Fashion Safari

Ralph Lauren NYFW

If you're the woman who savors a luxurious candlelit dinner while on safari - or maybe just wants to channel a safari while at a dinner party closer to home - Ralph Lauren hears you. The designer's spring 2015 collection was heavy on khakis, safari jackets and cargo pants, and played with the notion of safari as it moved into evening wear, too.

Coat With Back Slit

 So, which one is your best love, and let us know right now. If you want more details for OuterInner fashionistas, please click your mouse to OuterInner's homepage!
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