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Anxiety Free Shopping For Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Buying Plus Size Wedding Dresses Can Be A Source Of Anxiety, But Here's How To Make It Easier...

plus size wedding dresses

When planning a wedding a lot of our anxiety and worry will be caused by wedding dress shopping, especially if you're plus sized and looking for plus size wedding dresses. This is not a surprise, as decent plus size wedding dresses can be hard to find in wedding stores, leaving us with a more difficult and stressful task then other brides. Not only is it harder to find a lovely wedding dress, but you may also have to confront a bunch of body issues and your insecurities to boot, only adding to the stress of the occasion. But it doesn't have to be a horrible time, and in fact you can get a lot out of shopping for plus size wedding dresses whilst having fun. Here are some tips from OuterInner.com...

1. You Won't See Many Model Pictures Of Plus Size Wedding Dresses

One of the first things you'll notice as a plus size bride is the lack of promotional pictures of brides your size wearing wedding dresses. This makes it a little harder to visualize what dresses are going to look like on you, as the models can be a lot more petite. Don't be upset by this. The wedding industry is still catching up, and over time they're catering more and more to plus sizes too. It's just something you need to be aware of. The internet will give you the largest choice of plus size wedding dresses, and even if the models aren't like you, there are so many dresses to look at that you'll definitely start to be able to pick out styles that you like.

2. Go To A Bridal Store And Try On Dresses For Real

If you can't rely on pictures to help you, then go try on wedding dresses for real! This is better anyway, as only you know what you like and what seems to fit well, and also flatter you. You may not like the prices of a local bridal store, certainly not compared to OuterInner.com anyway, but they're a great place to do some research. [caption id="attachment_7665" align="aligncenter" width="600"]trying on plus size wedding dresses Trying on plus size wedding dresses[/caption]

It's very likely that you're going to have wedding dresses clipped around you to make them fit snugly. Don't let this make you feel bad, as every bride will encounter this as a way to help them try on more styles from a limited selection in store.

[caption id="attachment_7666" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Clips used to fit wedding dresses Clips used to fit wedding dresses[/caption]

3. Wear Appropriate Underwear

It makes sense for you to wear the same, or similar, underwear that you're going to be wearing on your big day when you try on wedding dresses. You'll need to get an idea of how the dress fits with underwear underneath, so don't be tempted to go without to 'save space.' Also, remember to wear a strapless bra if you're considering strapless wedding dresses.

4. Are Spanx A Blessing Or A Curse?

Shapewear is a welcome boost to your figure, but it can cause you some problems. If you get a wedding dress measured based on wearing spanx then it probably wouldn't fit if you don't wear them. So you need to either make the commitment to them or not.


I'd suggest that it's better to get a dress based on your own shape, and then you can choose to either wear shapewear later, or not.

5. Go Custom Made

If you're having no joy in finding plus size wedding dresses, then you can consider having your own bespoke dress made! Locally this is going to be expensive, but it's really inexpensive from OuterInner! Get your measurements taken whilst shopping for dresses, and then you can get your preferred style made precisely to them. No fuss, and no stress! If this is something you're interested in please email our customer support team, and they will consult you on your style, the dress material, and give you a quotation. Speak with them here.

6. Decide On Your Favorite Styles For Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Every bride is different, regardless of their size or body shape. A good starting point to finding your ideal wedding dress style would be this blog. As a rule A-line wedding dresses work really well for plus sizes, as they don't hug your hips and bottom. [caption id="attachment_7670" align="aligncenter" width="195"]A-line wedding dresses A-line wedding dresses[/caption] However, Empire wedding dresses are also very flattering thanks to their high waistlines and flowing skirts. [caption id="attachment_7671" align="aligncenter" width="194"]Empire wedding dresses Empire wedding dresses[/caption] Really though, you are the boss, and if you're happy with the style then that's all that matters! We know that shopping for plus size wedding dresses can be hard, so please let us help! If you have any questions or concerns and want some friendly, no-nonsense advice, please contact us here, or send us a message on our facebook page!    
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