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5 Easy Ways To Shop For Plus Size Prom Dresses

"Shopping for plus size prom dresses can be tough, and it's an experience that can either be a pleasure, or a pain..."

plus size prom dresses

Think back to your prom. Were you lucky enough to end up with a dream prom dress, or was it a horrible experience resulting in an unattractive, frumpy look? For plus sizes the lack of choice can really be a stumbling block, but there are ways in which you can find plus size prom dresses more easily! Let's take a look... Don't dread looking for your new prom dress, it doesn't have to be that way!

1. Involve Your Friends!

friends shopping for plus size prom dresses

A problem shared is a problem halved, and by attacking your search for plus size prom dresses as a team you'll benefit from their second opinions as long as they're patient and understanding (which we hope they are as they are your friends). Looking great at prom is about feeling great, and who better to tell you if the prom dresses you like look good on you then your besties? :)

 2. Be Enthusiastic And Smile!

I know that finding plus size prom dresses that are 'just so' can be a tiring, and maybe grueling experience. How can you find a dress that looks great, and feels comfortable, but in the right size when plus sizes are limited? Despite all of these difficulties, you won't get anywhere unless you're positive! Put a smile on your face and go into the dress store, or search the internet, with an open mind, then you'll be a lot more energetic. Shopping for prom dresses should be fun, not horrid, so make the best of it!

 3. Prepare Yourself.

Are you going to be wearing your old, gray, washed-out underwear to prom? If not, don't go shopping for your prom dresses in them either! If possible wear the exact same underwear (or shape wear) that you plan at wearing to prom under your prospective plus size prom dresses, because then you'll have the best idea of fit and feel for your comfort. Also spend some time online looking at prom dresses. Which silhouettes do you like? Which just aren't for you? Take notes and bear them in mind, and then when you shop you'll know which to focus on.

4. Learn When To Say No.

Just because something is a hot trend it doesn't mean that you can't go 'off piste' and look at different styles, trends, or colors. You should already know which styles and silhouettes you prefer (because you prepared, right?), so regardless of what everyone is encouraging you to get, stick to dresses that you feel comfortable with!

5. The Internet Is Your Friend!

One of the biggest problems when finding plus size prom dresses is that there is a lack of choice from maybe a 12 upwards in your local prom dress stores. How can you find a dress if they just don't have much choice? That's where the internet and store like OuterInner.com come in for you! All of the 2000+ prom dresses in our store CAN be made in plus sizes for you! If you're between sizes you can also request the dress to be made-to-measure too. That means that you can focus on finding a dress that's just right for you, rather than having to 'make do' with a prom dress, simply because it was one of the only ones in your size! Ready to find your prom dress? Click here to see our huge range of hand-made prom dresses! Don't forget to check your measurements against our prom dress sizes to be sure that you're going to get a dress that fits really well. You can see the measurements on each dress page here:

plus size prom dresses sizes

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