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The Wonder Of Lilies For Wedding Bouquets: OuterInner Guide

Why Choose Lilies For Your Wedding Bouquet?

lilies for wedding bouquets

Lilies as part of your wedding bouquet are an elegant and timeless choice and are characterized by their large flowers. They also have a very pretty, intoxicating scent that's common in perfume! It's no surprise then that lilies are a very popular wedding flower. It doesn't stop just at their looks and scent though, as lilies are said to have magical properties and are a  symbol of purity, class, and beauty, much in the same as the wedding gown is as well. But what kinds of lilies can you choose for your wedding? Let's take a look:

Oriental Lilies

If it's scent and looks that you love then oriental lilies are a great choice! Highly scented with large, frequently colorful petals, each flower will be around 6" to 8" when open which is quite large! Oriental Lilies are probably the classic lily flower that everybody thinks of, and they're a perfect wedding flower! One of my favorites, the 'stargazer,' is an oriental lily, so this is what I'd choose! What do you think?

oriental lilies

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies have all of the looks, but much less scent. They're totally beautiful, and just a little smaller than the orientals, at around 5" to 7" when open, but they'd be especially perfect for those of us with allergies as they're much lower in scent. They also last longer than other breeds too, so are better value!

asiatic lilies

Trumpet Lilies

A very unique and beautiful breed of oriental lily. Expect many of the same characteristics, but with an eye-catching trumpet shaped flower that is at an angle to the stem. Definitely the choice for a bride who wants something a little different and exciting.

trumpet lilies

Gloriosa Lilies

Far from many brides' idea of a traditional lily, the gloriosa has frilly petals which are uniquely slender and curve inwards. They look a little like flames, and many have a two-tone color that makes them look even more so. Many of your guests may not know this lily, but they will definitely be asking you about it should you choose this charismatic and special breed for your wedding!

gloriosa liliesBrides who want the dazzling look of lilies, but who are looking for a simple white wedding bouquet will love Easter lilies. They're pure, white, and heavily linked with religion, and so ideal for a Church or religious wedding.

easter lilies

Which of these styles do you like? Would you have them on their own in your wedding bouquet, or would you mix them with other flowers?

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