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7 Spring Wedding Food Ideas Brides Will Love!

7 Delish Spring Wedding Food Ideas

7 spring wedding food ideas

Everyone loves good food at a wedding, and since we're into spring (in the Northern hemisphere anyway) let's take a look at 7 of the most popular spring wedding food ideas for 2014 here...

1. Meatballs: The Crowd Pleaser!

Spring wedding food ideas | meatballs

They may not sound too fancy, but meatballs have become really popular for weddings these days! You wouldn't think so, but they’re actually perfect wedding food. They are small, but are really tasty and look so appealing! Serve them during your main meal, or as an entree during the cocktail hour. Go for traditional tastes like marinara, or try something different like thai spices, or luxury beefs!

2. Vegetarian, Or Vegan Choices

Spring wedding food ideas | vegetarian options

Whether a lifestyle choice, or just for better health, Vegetarian and vegan food options are really important to today's brides. Vegetarian foods are traditionally light and tasty, and vegan sushi is especially popular!

3. Cheese & Fruit Boards

Spring wedding food ideas | cheese and fruit boards

Nothing fits the season of spring better than fresh fruit and creamy cheese. Your guests will be delighted with the multitude of tastes and colors that a packed cheese and fruit board provides!

4. Catering Trucks: All The Fun Of The Fair!

Spring wedding food ideas | catering trucks

Catering trucks are popping up everywhere, and everyone loves, whether they be serving pizza, or Thai food! Why not surprise your guests with a yummy catering truck, as it's such a fun treat? Every bride wants to make their wedding especially memorable, and a catering truck will do just that!

5. DIY dessert Stations: Pick & Mix!

Spring wedding food ideas | dessert stations

Traditional weddings may just have the wedding cake as a dessert course, but most people love the chance to 'help themselves' to as much or little tasty dessert as possible. That's why a mixture of bite-size desserts along with your cake will go down really well among them! Particularly popular are dessert bars where guests can 'make' their own dessert, such as waffle or ice cream bars with different toppings to choose from!

6. Lettuce Wraps

Spring wedding food ideas | lettuce wraps

Lettuce wraps are delicious, easy to make, and light enough to be a great spring wedding appetizer. Asian style wraps are your best bet: Try hoisin chicken, noodles and water chestnuts, or shrimp with mango, sweet chilli, lime juice, and parsley.

7. Red Velvet Anything...

Spring wedding food ideas | red velvet cakes

Red velvet wedding cakes, cupcakes, and pies are THE must have cake or dessert for spring weddings in 2014! The combination of frosting, and bright red interior is mouthwateringly tempting for any guest, and is also a feast for the eyes! Which of these spring wedding food ideas do you like? Want to see even more cool wedding food trends? Follow our pinterest board "Wedding Food Ideas" here. Read another blog on some different cool wedding food trends! Click here.

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