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OuterInner's Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Prom Dresses In 2014!

How To Choose Perfect Prom Dresses In 2014!

choosing your perfect prom dresses

Prom season is upon us and we know picking prom dresses that you'll love and stand out in is a difficult task, so we are giving some of our top tips on finding the perfect prom dresses here.

1. Focus On Your Best Features.

What are your best features? It could be your curves, legs, or bust. It doesn't matter, we're all different, but it will really help your look to choose prom dresses that highlight these features!

empire prom dresses

If you are curvaceous then empire prom dresses will taper in at your waist, accentuating your curves in all the right places. If you're petite then ankle length prom dresses won't swamp your small figure, but still allow you to wear a long dress. If you're lucky enough to be an hour glass, you'll look great with a defined waist or asymmetric prom dresses as they show off your silhouette.

2. Be Adventurous With Color.

A lot of girls choose black prom dresses, and although you can't really go wrong with black, why not go for a pop of color? A bold color, like turquoise or red, is a great way to stand out among your friends, and a fun way to enhance your look.

bright color prom dresses

Remember, you decide the color! Filter between the colors on the left hand side of our store until you find one that's just so.

3. Accessories Will Make Your Look.

Your prom outfit doesn't end with prom dresses alone, as accessories will help to complete it. Many prom dresses tend to be a little low cut, and this gives you license to wear eye-catching necklaces and earrings which won't be overlapping your dress and clashing. Stylish clutches are a great way to carry your phone and makeup, and they can be matched with your prom dress color too! Don't forget your corsage too! ;)

prom dresses and corsage

4. Have Some Fun!

Prom is your chance to really go to town and have fun with your friends, and choosing the right prom dresses will help you to enjoy yourself! Why? Because if you choose a prom dress that puts a smile on your face, and will make your friends go, "Wow!" You'll be walking on air all night! Try a fancy style like serious sparkle prom dresses for maximum effect!

serious sparkle prom dresses

See some of 2014's latest prom trends here.

5. Go With Short Prom Dresses For A Change.

Prom is all about looking a little different to everyone else, and most girls choose a classic long prom dress. You can stand out by choosing short prom dresses! No one said that skirts have to be long, and so you can have a fun and more comfortable look if you ditch the long skirt!

short prom dresses

Ready to shop for your perfect style? Buy your ideal prom dresses in your choice of size, color, and style from OuterInner here.
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