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5 Reasons Why Brides Love Budget Wedding Gowns From OuterInner

5 Reasons To Love Budget Wedding Gowns From OuterInner

budget wedding gowns from outerinner

In the news this week we're hearing a lot about inexpensive budget wedding gowns which are only around US$100 or so! Many brides find it unbelievable that such an important dress could be so 'cheap,' but actually these days it's a fact that you don't need to pay thousands of dollars to get a really beautiful wedding gown! It may be that many brides have concerns about paying so little. It may be that many brides have trust issues about gowns bought over the web. So can such a low-priced gown be great? Is it possible to get truly beautiful dresses at such good prices? Basically, are they "too good to be true?" In this blog we'll give you 5 reasons why brides love budget wedding gowns from OuterInner.com!

Not Every Wedding Gown Is Created Equal

budget wedding gownsBefore we begin let's examine the state of wedding gowns from a bride's point of view.

If you visit a local bridal store, and most brides shop in this way, you'll struggle to find good quality wedding gowns at under around US$1000. They certainly won't suggest much cheaper gowns, and this is all because they need to make a lot of profit out of each bride.

Your wedding gown's price will include:

  • The cost of the dress
  • The import charges
  • The profit of the importer
  • Your country's tax
  • The costs of the bridal store's staff salaries
  • Utilities and rental costs
  • The store's profit
Scary, right? This is why many brides are saying, "Enough!" And looking for budget wedding gowns! Actually, the ultra expensive wedding gown that you see in your local bridal store is often the same quality, and indeed made in the same place, as lower cost  budget wedding gowns. The difference is all of the 'add-ons' that inflate the cost! Cut out the staff, rental, and import costs, and it's quite possible to offer the same wedding gowns at a fraction of the cost; from under $100 to perhaps around $300! It's that simple, and it's why brides have been using OuterInner.com as their secret, money-saving, weapon for over 3 years now!

5 Reasons To Love Budget Wedding Gowns From OuterInner!

1. Low Prices!

Go check out the budget wedding gowns from OuterInner. You'll see that there are 90+ styles costing less than $150! Long, short, traditional, modern. Every bride can find a really inexpensive wedding gown to suit her, and if you have a little more to spend then the choice goes up into the hundreds of styles! "Why are they so cheap? Surely it's too good to be true?" OuterInner cut out all of the nasty added costs you can see above. We can still make enough money to operate as a business and offer you wedding gowns at these prices simply because we don't need to charge more!

2. High Quality

We understand that you may be unsure about ordering on line, but there are quality safe-guards in place to make sure that your dress reaches you and you love it! First, please help us to help you by ordering the correct size! We will help you! Read this blog to see how easy it is to get the right measurements! Each dress is painstakingly hand-made, and checked twice for any quality issues before shipping.

outerinner only sell hand made wedding gowns

Read some of our customer reviews and you'll see how happy other brides and customers like you were! Click here: http://www.outerinner.com/blog/tag/real-outerinner-customer-reviews/

3. Fast Delivery

Go into a local bridal store and see how quickly they can get your dress. There's a good chance you'd have to wait for several months! This is because they're having it made abroad, shipped to them, and finally giving it to you. Not only the long wait, but you'd be likely to have to put down a hefty deposit, or even pay for the dress outright! Save yourself the time, deposit, and fuel by ordering on line. Your wedding gown is still made abroad, but you cut out the middle-man, and it's delivered straight to you within only about 6 weeks or so in total (we also offer 'ready-to-wear wedding gowns' that are delivered within about a week!)!

4. Huge Range Of Wedding Gowns

The average local bridal store will have, maybe, a couple hundred dresses on their racks. Only a fraction of these would be in a size that you can try on and wear to get a feel for them. We understand that brides like you spend a long time looking not for any dress, but for the one, and that's why we have thousands of dress styles available! Don't think it's hard to search through them all either, visit our budget wedding gowns and you can see a filter to the left-hand side of your screen which allows you to shop by feature. See the wedding gowns that suit you, and avoid those that you're uninterested in...easy :)

filter through budget wedding gowns

5. Latest Styles For The Discerning Bride

Don't think the low prices will constrain you to only having a few basic styles to choose from either, as OuterInner offer our budget wedding gowns in many of 2014's cutting-edge wedding styles, such as two-in-one dresses, peplums, open backs, sparkly, lace etc. Once again, we suggest that you use the filter to choose from wedding gowns in these trend categories, and you'll be a trendy bride as well as saving money!

searching for budget wedding gowns in different trendsYour Turn...

How much would you pay for a wedding gown? Do low prices attract you, or raise concerns? After reading this blog, and seeing the recent news on TV about budget wedding gowns, would you be more likely to choose one? Let us know in the comments please...
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