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Purple Bridesmaid Dresses: OuterInner Wedding Favorites

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

purple bridesmaid dresses and weddings

One wedding color that remains popular year on year is purple, but just what is it about this color that keeps brides coming back, for instance choosing purple bridesmaid dresses, and selecting it above other colors? Let's look at some inspiration right here...

Why Purple?

Whenever you're choosing a wedding color scheme the bridesmaids are usually the focal point. Why? Because they're going to be in most of the key pictures from the start of the day, to the finish. That means that the color of their bridesmaid dresses will likely be your 'main' color, and in this case we're looking at the very popular purple!

purple bridesmaid dresses and wedding inspiration

Purple is evocative of class, elegance, royalty, and luxury. All things that many brides love to have their weddings associated with. It's also great in any season, which is why we see purple bridesmaid dresses cropping up in weddings all year round!

[caption id="attachment_7504" align="aligncenter" width="534"]purple bridesmaid dresses in summer Purple bridesmaid dresses in summer[/caption]

Above you can see some purple bridesmaid dresses that look amazing in a rustic, summery setting, but purple is so versatile that it's also great when the weather is altogether a lot colder...

[caption id="attachment_7505" align="aligncenter" width="736"]purple bridesmaid dresses in a winter wedding Purple bridesmaid dresses in a winter wedding[/caption]

(Photo by Joe Elario photography)

There are lots of other amazing ways to incorporate purple into your wedding besides just in the bridesmaid dresses, here are a few ideas...

purple wedding ideas

So really the questions shouldn't be, "Why purple?" Rather, it should be, "Why not!?"

Where Do I Find Purple Bridesmaid Dresses?

You can find many hundreds of purple bridesmaid dresses right here at OuterInner.com! But do bear in mind that other styles not shown in purple can also be made in purple for you too! Click the image below to go straight to our purple bridesmaid dresses in store now!

purple bridesmaid dresses at outerinner

Do you love purple, or would you choose a different color for your wedding? Let us know in the comments! ;)

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