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2013′s Top 12 ‘Must Read’ Wedding, Style & Dress Blogs From OuterInner. (Part 2)

2013's Top 12 'MUST Read' OuterInner Blogs! (Part 2)

2013's Top 12 'MUST Read' OuterInner Blogs! (Part 2)

Hello OuterInner fans! It's still early in 2014, and we hope that you're keeping your new year's resolutions! You've no doubt read our blog before, but we published a lot of useful posts last year and here is part 2 of our top 12 that you must read if you didn't catch them last year!

1. How To Get A Perfect Fitting Dress Every Time When Shopping On Line

How To Get A Perfect Fitting Dress Every Time When Shopping On Line At Outerinner

One of the most important things to remember when shopping on line at OuterInner is that you need to pay more attention to sizes. In this blog we look at tips to make sure that you'll get a great-fitting dress this time, and every time when ordering on line!

Advice includes: How to measure yourself, what to do if you're between sizes, and who to speak to if you have any concerns! Read the blog here.  

2. 10 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles & How To Choose Your Style

10 bridal hairstyles from outerinner

Brides are going to see two things immortalized in their wedding pictures forever, their wedding dresses and their bridal hairstyles! In this blog we count down through our 10 favorite bridal hairstyles that look stunning! See the styles here.

You can also see many more hair options by seeing our pinterest board: stunning bridal hairstyles.

3. 5 Compelling Reasons To Order Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Every bride needs ways to save money on her wedding these days, and when it comes to your maids it may be that ordering bridesmaid dresses online is one easy way to do this. Here’s what OuterInner have to say about this as an introduction to our new friends…


4. How To Look Like A Million Bucks In Formal Dresses

How To Look Like A Million Bucks In Formal Dresses

So you’ve been invited to a formal party, and you want to look amazing wearing formal dresses. If you’re like most people you probably don’t wear high-class formal dresses all of the time, so you may be thinking: “But what kind of dress should you wear, and how about shoes, and accessories?” Fear not, OuterInner explains how easy it is to choose and wear formal dresses here.

5. What Are Black Tie Weddings, And How Do I Host One?

black tie weddings from outerinner

If you’re looking to host a really glamorous and elegant wedding, then you could certainly try a trend that’s becoming more popular in recent years, “Black Tie Weddings.” OuterInner guide you through what they are, and how to host them here.  

6. Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Rackyatou Diallo’s Wedding Dress

Racky was such a stunning bride that we just had to share some of her wedding pictures, which truly were some of the best we saw in 2013! See her thoughts and more of her stunning pictures here.

If you liked these 6 OuterInner blogs, then remember to read part 1 of this series rounding up the first 6 'must read' blogs of 2013! Need more ideas? Why not check out the OuterInner facebook pagetumblrpinterest, and Google + pages? ;)
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