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Mismatching Bridesmaid Dresses: How To Follow This Wedding Trend

Mismatching Bridesmaid Dresses


mismatching bridesmaid dresses

The new trend in town is to choose mismatching bridesmaid dresses for your girls! It's a little unusual, unique, unexpected, and fun! Here's how you can make this trend work in your wedding...

 "Do My Bridesmaid Dresses Need To Be Different Styles?"

No! We understand that if you've got your heart set on a certain bridesmaid dress style, then disrupting your idea with mismatching bridesmaid dresses of differing styles may be too hard to accept. Instead you could go with matching bridesmaid dresses in different colors like here:

mismatching bridesmaid dresses with same style dress

However one thing we like about this method of having mismatching bridesmaid dresses is that you could choose dresses in the different hues of your wedding color scheme, so not only would they be mismatching, but they'd also complement your wedding colors perfectly!

mismatching bridesmaid dresses with different hues of one color

If you're unsure of wedding colors then use sources like Pinterest to find color boards and collect some of your favorites, and then go through them with your girls to find the colors you love! (While you're at it, you should remember to follow us on Pinterest too! Click here: OuterInner Pinterest Boards).

"Highlight Your MOH With A Different Color."

You can also have your girls wearing mismatching bridesmaid dresses, where your maid-of-honor is celebrated by being in a color that's different to the rest of the girls!

mismatching bridesmaid dresses with maid of honor

 "How About Mismatching Bridesmaid Dresses In The Same Color, But Different Styles?"

Yes, you can also do this! This way is especially good for brides who insist on having one color for their bridesmaids. And who are we to argue with that?

purple mismatching bridesmaid dresses

As you can see, done well, different bridesmaid dress styles in the same color can also look striking and individual too!

"Go Totally Against Tradition With Unusual Bridesmaid Dresses!"

Your mismatching bridesmaid dresses don't need to be the same color, or style. For instance, you could choose lovely rustic style dresses like these:

rustic mismatching bridesmaid dresses

So, are mismatching bridesmaid dresses a trend that you like, or do you prefer a traditional way of having bridesmaids dressed in the same style and color of dresses?


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