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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: 8 Top Reviews Of 2013

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews

real outerinner customer reviews of 2013

During 2013 OuterInner.com has received many good reviews from our customers, and we publish real OuterInner customer reviews where we share their lovely pictures and kind words. We hope that when you see how happy our customers are with their various occasions dresses, you will put your faith in us to make you a lovely dress too! Now we're at the end of 2013, let's look back at 8 of our favorite real OuterInner customer reviews that you'll hopefully also enjoy!  

1. Rackyatou Diallo’s Wedding Dress

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Rackyatou Diallo’s Wedding DressBeautiful Racky from France chose a two-in-one wedding gown, and we thought she looked simply stunning! See her thoughts here.

2. Adrienne Mullins’ Wedding Dress

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Adrienne Mullins’ Wedding Dress

Beautiful Adrienne from Tennessee's wedding caught the eye as she opted for a modern short wedding gown and a photo shoot in the gorgeous American countryside! See more of her pics here.

3. Michelle Seal’s Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid Dresses

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Michelle Seal’s Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid Dresses

Michelle bought both her wedding and bridesmaid dresses from OuterInner.com, and we also loved her outdoor wedding (so lucky!). See how she felt here.

4. Alicia Johnson’s Wedding Gown

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Alicia Johnson’s Wedding Gown

Alicia and her family make such a wonderful portrait that we just had to share! See more pics and her comments about her OuterInner wedding gown here.

5. Landrae Webb’s High Low Prom Dress

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Landrae Webb’s High Low Prom Dress

Landrae's daughter Andriana shown here wearing her high-low prom dress! This style was very hot in 2013, and looks like it will continue to be popular in 2014, so see more pics here.

6. Brenda Ryan’s Wedding Dress

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Brenda Ryan’s Wedding Dress

Brenda was lucky enough to have a beautiful summer wedding in Ireland! She shared lots of wonderful pictures with us, so them, her thoughts, and her dress details here.

7. Dawnette Joseph’s Wedding Gown

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Dawnette Joseph’s Wedding Gown

Not only do we love Dawnette's professional pictures, but her idea to use an elegant evening gown as a unique silver wedding gown is also really clever! Read more here.

8. Tangie Philan’s Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses


Tangie had a real big family affair, and both her wedding dress & bridesmaid dresses were all from OuterInner.com! See what she thought by clicking here.

Which of these real OuterInner customer reviews do you like?

Have you ever bought a dress from OuterInner.com? Why not share your pictures and comments with us, and we'll share them in a blog too! We'll also add a $20 voucher to your account as a thank you! Click here to email us!

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