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Deciding On Your Wedding Colors? Fabric Swatches Now Just $0.01!

Fabric Swatches Now Reduced To Just $0.01 Each Until Dec 15th!

fabric swatches on sale

Good news! Fabric swatches are reduced to the almost free price of $0.01 between now and December 15th! Let's investigate why you should consider ordering fabric swatches, and why they're helpful when choosing wedding colors!

"Why Should I Order Fabric Swatches?"

If we're a dress store, why do we suggest that fabric swatches are so important? Let's imagine you're thinking of buying a dress on line from OuterInner.com. You'll find that this is very different to walking into a store and buying off-the-rack. For starters, you can't see the dress before you buy! It's fine, but there will be a few things that are new to you! How do you know what the color you're interested in looks like to the naked eye, and the feel of the fabric the dress is made from? This is where fabric swatches come in. Check the fabric type and color you like on the page of the dress you want to buy. You can see them here:

selections for fabric swatches

Then go to the fabric swatches page, and find the swatch of the correct fabric and select the color you like.

Now that the price of swatches is now $0.01, including the shipping you're going to pay somewhere around $7 to receive your swatch. Simply consider this as part of the process of buying a dress, because this is how you're able to be sure of the dress color and feel of the fabric in advance.

Fabric Swatches Are A Bride's Ally

Brides put a lot of time and effort into choosing their wedding colors and this is where fabric swatches should be a part of their planning. In the same way that you'd get a book of swatches from the DIY store when deciding on your home's new color-scheme, you'll like having fabric swatches so you can consider the potential color of your bridesmaid dresses against the colors you like for your decoration, flowers, centerpieces, and even the season!

wedding colors with fabric swatchesYou'll want to consider the colors of your bridesmaid dresses compared with the other elements of your wedding.

So, with the reduction to $0.01 it's now easier and cheaper than ever to check the color of your dresses in advance.

Will YOU be ordering fabric swatches next time?


Remember to register your free customer account, then your swatches and dresses will automatically be sent to your home address, AND you'll get $25 worth of money-off vouchers to spend on your first couple of orders! Click HERE.

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