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How To Get Perfect Color Dresses From OuterInner.com (Tutorial)

How To Choose The Right Color Dresses When Shopping On Line

get perfect color dresses when shopping on line

So you're interested in buying dresses on line. Good choice, you're going to save a lot of money! however there are sometimes a few questions about shopping on line, as it's not the same as walking into a store and choosing your dress off the rack! In this blog we're going to explain how to select your color and make sure that the dress you order is the color you've been expecting.

"How Do I Know Which Colors Dresses From OuterInner.com Come In?"

Good question! In our store you can usually see a picture of a dress, like this: d_1   The dress here is shown in purple, but in fact that is NOT  the only color available. Most OuterInner.com dresses come in many colors (with the exception of quick delivery dresses which are sold as seen). So to see which colors are available in the dress you like you need to check the color options box which can be found just to the right of the dress: d_2   This will display the colors available for this dress. Some have more choices, and some less, for instance certain wedding gowns which only have a small choice of different color options.

"I Think I Know Which Color I Like, But I'd Like To See It Before Ordering."

You can do so! You'll want to order the correct fabric swatch in the color you like. These swatches cost very little (just $5.99) and can be shipped to you quickly. By seeing the color you like in the fabric your dress will be made from you'll be able to get a very good idea of how the dress will look when you receive it.

"What If I Need A Color That You Don't Seem To Have?"

Don't worry, OuterInner.com is a bespoke dress store, and if you can show us which color you have in mind we will try to source it in the fabric your dress is made from. In general we won't charge extra for this service! :) If you have any special requests please contact us any time by emailing: INQUIRY@OUTERINNER.COM. For a full list of the colors that we offer in the different commonly used fabrics, please check our color chart by clicking here. PS. Until November 15th 2013 we're running a special offer on bridesmaid dresses!

bridesmaid dresses sale Nov 2013

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