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5 Reasons Why Brides Should Choose Lace Wedding Gowns


Why Choose Lace Wedding Gowns? Here Are 5 Reasons.

why choose lace wedding gowns

Lace wedding gowns are gaining in popularity in Fall / Winter 2013, and going into 2014, but if you're newly engaged and just starting your search for the 'right' gown that makes your heart skip a beat some more information about this much-loved style will help you.

There's A Lot To Love About Lace Wedding Gowns

Nothing says "classic elegance" better than lace,and what bride wouldn't like to cut such an evocative, elegant figure as she makes her way down the aisle?

Remember that both Grace Kelly, and more recently, the Duchess of Cambridge, both wore lace wedding gowns and looked fantastic!

[caption id="attachment_7042" align="alignleft" width="232"]Grace kelly | Lace wedding gowns Grace Kelly was a vision of timeless beauty in her lace wedding gown[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_7043" align="alignleft" width="224"]Duchess Kate | Lace wedding gowns The Duchess Kate looked just perfect in her lace wedding gown when she recently married Prince William[/caption]




These two brides from very different times demonstrate that lace just never goes out of fashion, so you will be guaranteed to be a really memorable bride when adorned in this delectable fabric! And it's not only rich and famous brides who can benefit from the amazing look of lace wedding gowns, as they're available on line these days at very reasonable prices starting from just a couple of hundred dollars or so!

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Choose Lace Wedding Gowns

1. Lace Wedding Gowns Have Exquisite Detailing 

As you may know, lace is a fabric made from different patterns, most commonly pretty flowers. It's this level of detail that makes your gown a joy to look at, and you a stunning, beautiful, and confident bride!

[caption id="attachment_7047" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Illusion Lace High Neck Long Sleeves Wedding Gown Style Code: 12629 $298 The level of pretty detail on this lace gown is just amazing![/caption]

2. Lace Wedding Gowns Are Usually Flattering Shapes

Let me explain. Lace gowns tend to be quite fitted and flowing, meaning that they flatter a large proportion of brides regardless of their figures, meaning that you don't need to be a gym addict to benefit from wearing a beautiful lace gown.

[caption id="attachment_7048" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Illusion Long Sleeves V-neck A-line Wedding Gown Style Code: 08937 $319 This gown's fitted waist and flowing skirt would flatter most brides regardless of figure.[/caption]

3. Lace Sleeves Tone Your Arms

If you're feeling some nerves about your arms then turn to lace, as long or short sleeves will make your arms appear sleeker and more toned. This leaves you to relax and enjoy the day! They're also a favorite of the more conservative brides among us who're perhaps not so keen on showing off a lot of flesh.

[caption id="attachment_7049" align="aligncenter" width="195"]A-line Lace Wedding Gown With Court Train Style Code: 00530 $129 Lace sleeves like with this gown hide a multitude of sins![/caption]

4. Lace Is Timeless

No wedding guest is going to turn up their nose to a lace wedding gown! There's a reason why this has been the preferred fabric of brides for centuries! If you need any more persuading that lace never loses its edge then check today's high-end wedding designers. They just love lace!

Who knows, perhaps your daughter, or even grand-daughter might wear your gown one day too!

[caption id="attachment_7050" align="aligncenter" width="200"]timeless lace wedding gowns Lace never goes out of fashion, always looking stunning![/caption]

5. Lace Is Used For Many Wedding Accessories.

If you can't get enough of lace, or want a hint of lace in your wedding outfit even though your wedding gown is made from a different fabric, then you'll be pleased to hear that there are a host of lace accessories. These include heels, clutches, wedding veils, lace coverups (for your shoulders, worn over your gown), and even jewelry!

[caption id="attachment_7051" align="aligncenter" width="700"]lace accessories for weddings There are many ways to incorporate lace into your wedding outfit![/caption]

Your Turn...

Are you loving lace wedding gowns as much as us now? Would you wear one? Would you prefer a traditional or modern silhouette? Tell us...

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