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Making Shopping For Bridesmaid Dresses Fun!


Shopping For Bridesmaid Dresses The Fun & Easy Way

fun shopping for bridesmaid dresses

Every bride has hundreds of things to do as your wedding approaches. Choosing bridesmaid dresses will be on your long to-do list, so let's get into it in a fun and social way! As ever, preparation is key. Finding bridesmaid dresses will be one of your harder tasks, because you'll not only be shopping for a dress style that fits your budget and taste, but that also suits those of your bridesmaids! So, how do you please everyone when it comes to bridesmaid dresses? Let's see:

1. Choose Your Style!

brainstorm about bridesmaid dresses together

Get the girls together, grab a glass of wine, and brainstorm on which colors, styles, and fabrics you all like. Remember also to nail down the budget you're willing to spend on the dresses. You can do all of these things when checking the bridesmaid dresses on Outerinner.com. Once, you've decided on a style, let your maids see. The last thing you need is to be at odds with your girls over style or cost! They will need to wear the dresses, so although you're the bride and have the main say, consider their feelings and let them have some input too. After all, you want beautiful wedding pictures to remember, so that includes happy, smiley maids!

2. Find The Best Prices!

look for bargain dresses

Most brides have several bridesmaids and shopping for a few dresses can become very pricey quickly, so finding a cheap and good source of bridesmaid dresses is crucial to not breaking the bank! Do you and your girls like shopping? Who doesn't, right? This is your ideal excuse, so give yourself a couple of months to get some store options from magazines, stores, and websites. No need to rush into things when needing the best price. Here are some tips:
  • You'll find the lowest prices on line, just be sure to have the measurements down as web stores will only make what you tell them!
  • If you're buying several dresses you may be able to bargain with local bridal boutiques as they would like a large order.
  • If you're on a tight budget try thrift stores, and putting the word out on bridal communities where you may be able to pick up second hand dresses easily and cheaply.

3. Buying On Line? Measurements Are Everything!

learn to take your measurements

Every girl is different, and when you have several bridesmaids you're likely to have bridesmaid dresses of different sizes. In a bridal store they will measure you up individually, but what about when you go for the really great prices from on line stores? You'll be responsible for taking your own measurements, but don't worry, we'll show you how in this blog. Here's a couple of tips, remember to wear the underwear you plan to wear under the dress on the day, and don't do it alone! This will give accurate measurements when choosing bridesmaid dresses.

4. Get Feedback Before Taking The Plunge!

get feedback on your chosen bridesmaid dresses

You're nearly there! You have found a style that everyone loves, at a price that everyone can afford. Finally ask some trusted friends from outside of your bridal party of they can give you their opinions about your chosen style. This will give you an impartial opinion on the dresses that helps you to make sure before you make your purchase! :)

Your Turn...

What tips do you have about choosing bridesmaid dresses? Which style do you prefer? Did you buy on line, or from a bridal store? Get a special discount on bridesmaid and wedding dresses on the OuterInner Facebook page!  
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