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10 Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For A Memorable Wedding


10 Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

wedding centerpiece ideas

There are so many unique wedding centerpiece ideas which is great news for brides as it allows you to get truly creative in your wedding! The right table decoration really helps to link the sincerity of your wedding ceremony with the fun feel of your wedding reception. Crafty brides will be pleased to hear that DIY is in, while the over-played and dull flower vases are out. Brides have the opportunity to show a little of their personality with every centerpiece, Your wedding centerpieces may either compliment your wedding theme, wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, or could be the striking focus of the reception.  Let's look at some of the ideas that you may choose for your wedding:

10 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

1. Burlap & Lace With Mason Jars

[caption id="attachment_6856" align="aligncenter" width="300"]burlap lace mason jar Choose burlap and mason jars for the ultimate in shabby chic and rustic weddings.[/caption]

2. Moss Basket With Your Favorite Flowers

[caption id="attachment_6857" align="aligncenter" width="200"]moss basket with flowers Fill this cute moss basket with your favorite flowers, another rustic idea and so green and lovely![/caption]

3. Upside Down Wine Goblets With Candle & Flowers

[caption id="attachment_6858" align="aligncenter" width="300"]upside down wine goblets with candle and flowers A modern idea: Invert wine glasses containing your favorite flowers, and use them as a platform for candles. Quirky, and individual.[/caption]

4. Moss, Gold-Painted Mason Jars With Lace & Wheat Centerpiece

[caption id="attachment_6859" align="aligncenter" width="199"]fall moss, gold painted mason jars with lace and wheat centerpiece This rustic Fall-inspired centerpiece evokes so many feelings of the countryside.[/caption]

5. Vintage Wedding Centerpiece

[caption id="attachment_6860" align="aligncenter" width="300"]vintage wedding centerpiece Love the idea of making a charming and pretty vintage wedding centerpiece from collected vintage items like glass, porcelain, and even costume jewelry.[/caption]

6. Suspended Centerpiece

[caption id="attachment_6861" align="aligncenter" width="300"]suspended wedding centerpiece Who says your centerpiece needs to be ON the table? Try suspending flowers or candles for a really unique style![/caption]

7. Colorful Fruits

[caption id="attachment_6862" align="aligncenter" width="229"]fruit wedding centerpieces Fruits are great as they're usually colorful and vibrant. You could cut them into a style like here, or arrange them whole for a more rustic look.[/caption]

8. Special Cupcakes

[caption id="attachment_6863" align="aligncenter" width="268"]cupcakes wedding centerpiece Treat your guests with a cute centerpiece of specialty cupcakes! Great looking, AND mouthwatering![/caption]

9. Baskets Instead Of Glass!

[caption id="attachment_6864" align="aligncenter" width="221"]basket wedding centerpiece Brides could choose a cute basket instead of glass, as it's a more unique option that guests won't have seen so often.[/caption]

10. Go BIG & Grab Attention

[caption id="attachment_6865" align="aligncenter" width="198"]tall wedding centerpiece ideas If you're a bride who wants to make an impact then a taller centerpiece will grab attention like no other, as the long vase filled with something, like petals in this case, will draw the eye up to your glorious piece![/caption] If these wedding centerpiece ideas have whetted your appetite and you need even more inspiration, go check out our Pinterest board: Lovely Wedding Ideas.

Your Turn...

Have you seen any unique wedding centerpiece ideas at a wedding you attended? What were they? Which of these 10 choices might you go for at your wedding? OuterInner.com reward our facebook fans with an exclusive bridal wear discountso get over to the OuterInner Club Facebook Page and join the fun by liking us!  
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