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7 Wedding Bouquets Traditional & Modern Brides Will Love!


7 Amazing Wedding Bouquets

7 wedding bouquets

One of the most important things brides need to consider are wedding bouquets, but with so many styles and flowers to choose from how do you decide?

In this blog we'll look at 7 wedding bouquets styles that hopefully you'll love and get inspiration from!

1. Nosegay Wedding Bouquets

nosegay wedding bouquetsThis small wedding bouquet was originally held or worn to give the holder a nice smell, and have been around since Medieval times! Today they're a favorite of bridesmaids and flower girls.

2. Presentation Bouquetspresentation wedding bouquets

This bouquet is a striking alternative to more traditional styles! Fashionable, and best for modern brides. Normally made with long stemmed flowers, it's designed to be cradled in the bride's arm and can be simple or elaborate.

3. Cascading Wedding Bouquets

cascading wedding bouquetsOne of the most powerful images in a wedding is of a bride walking the aisle with a fantastic cascading bouquet! Ideal for formal weddings, this bouquet will spill over the bride's hands and can feature any flower type.

4. Pomander Bouquets

pomander wedding bouquetsPomanders are usually carried by bridesmaids and flower girls, and don't they look lovely? Learn how you can make your own in this video.

5. Composite Wedding Bouquets

composite wedding bouquetsImagine the sight of a bride carrying one giant, bouquet-sized flower, rather than a collection of flowers! Not the cheapest, but this bouquet is hand-made by gluing or wiring together up to hundreds individual petals, one by one, onto a single stem.

6. Posy Bouquets

posy wedding bouquetsA posy is round & small, and can easily be held in one hand. They could either be loosely hand-tied, or firmly wrapped with stems forming a rigid 'handle.' Stems are wrapped in a beautiful satin, velvet or organza ribbon in the color of your choice, and some even decorated with pearls and beading trims.

7. Crescent Wedding Bouquets

crescent wedding bouquetsCrescent bouquets take the form of a quarter or half moon, with hand-wired flowers falling to one or both sides of your hands. It's a modern style, and is best held at hip height to show it off against your skirt.

Your Turn...

Have these wedding bouquets given you any good ideas? Which is your favorite style? For more ideas click here.

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