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Rustic Weddings For Summer & Fall Weddings


Rustic Weddings & Ideas For Any Bride

rustic weddings

What kinds of rustic weddings can you have? What is it about the rustic weddings that make them so enduringly popular? Why would you enjoy a rustic wedding? These questions, and more, will be answered in this blog...

What are rustic weddings?

When we think of rustic weddings, we think of fresh air, the countryside, nature, barns, hay bales, mason jars, and the list goes on! The attraction of a rustic wedding is to have a day that harkens back to older, simpler times, and escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Your wedding will take place in a natural setting, be that a farm, vineyard, your back-yard, or woodland. Barns are very popular, but not essential! Country life has its own romantic feel that's full of character and charm. These days when so many of us live in towns and cities, rustic weddings give us a way to recreate and enjoy the simplicity and natural ease of country living on our special days!

simple outdoor wedding rustic weddings

This wedding picture is so simple, but the beautiful rural backdrop makes all the difference! (Photo credit: Jenny Evelyn)

As you can see, rustic wedding ideas center around the simple, and it's a dream for the handy bride who loves DIY and crafts too as there are no end of things to make!

What to wear at rustic weddings.

Rustic weddings will usually be pretty casual, and you can introduce warm and earthy colors, cowboy boots, short dresses, and tan suits into yours. Here's a wedding party demonstrating some of these pretty rustic touches:

rustic weddings party

A rustic wedding gown always looks good in lace, and colors like rose, ivory, champagne, and of course white also look great. The main thing though, is to choose a wedding gown that you're happy with as well. See all of our wedding gowns here and find a lovely one for your rustic wedding! Here's a lace wedding gown that works well in the rustic setting:

[caption id="attachment_6757" align="aligncenter" width="195"]rustic wedding gown in lace Straps A-line Sheath Lace Wedding Dress
Style Code: 08876 | $229[/caption]

The groom won't need to sacrifice style for your down-to-earth wedding either. Tan, khaki, or light-colored suits, linens, striped or paisley shirts, lighter brown shoes and coordinated tie will make your guy the toast of the day. Here's a nice light-colored suit below:

rustic groom

Settings for your rustic weddings.

When it comes to where to host your day there are many rustic wedding ideas to draw upon! As mentioned before barns are the big choice for today's rustic bride, and when you can decorate them so perfectly to your satisfaction what's not to like?

rustic barn wedding

Other options include having your ceremony in the forest:

forest rustic weddings

Or keeping it very simple and doing yours in your own back-yard:

yard rustic wedding

Rustic wedding decor.

As far as the decor, the rustic romantic bride is spoilt for choice! Take advantage of the greenery & flowers in summer to get some amazing shots, and remember that the fallen leaves and branches in fall can also look great, and be used in your ceremony and decor. Mason jars, burlap, paraffin lanterns, lace doilies, and hay-bales are common and inexpensive to use for your day; especially if you're handy enough to make them yourself!

rustic weddings elements

Color schemes can range from dusty pink, peach, cream, aqua, pea soup green, ivory, gold, pale yellow, and watermelon red. Here's a typical rustic color scheme:

rustic weddings colors

What to eat at rustic weddings.

Rustic weddings' food is all about being traditional, no-nonsense, and unassuming. Instead of elaborate fine dining you will be thinking along the lines of traditional foods, such as fried chicken, barbecue, corn-on-the-cob, hot-dogs, mash and veggies, apple pie, shortcake, ice tea, and fresh fruit. [caption id="attachment_6792" align="aligncenter" width="300"]rustic food Wholesome, hearty, and fun! Rustic weddings should have food that brings a smile to everyone's face![/caption] The best thing about this food, apart from the taste of course, is that it's easy to prepare in bulk, meaning that you don't need a professional caterer and the added expense! One more reason why rustic weddings are a favorite of DIY brides!

Wedding cakes at rustic weddings.

Your wedding cake could, and some may say should, fit in with your rustic wedding theme. Luckily there are many ways to include the more 'natural' style into your wedding, a firm favorite being those that look a little tree-like:

rustic wedding cakes

Gaining ground on traditional wedding cakes are cheese cakes! Not cheesecake, but actual cheeses! What could be more rustic than a selection of yummy cheeses and fruit for everyone to munch on after they've eaten?

wedding cheese cakeCheese cakes are so now, but keep an option in mind for lactose intolerant friends and family too!


Your turn...

Have you ever been to a rustic wedding? Is it something you're interested in? What elements would you include in your wedding, and where would it be? Let us know! Your wedding is perhaps the most important day of your life. If you're a city-slicker looking to get back to basics, or a country girl celebrating her home and culture, rustic weddings will be perfect for you!
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