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Everyone Buying Homecoming Dresses Gets A FREE Clutch From OuterInner.com!

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Doesn't the summer just fly by!? But don't feel bad, as even though nice weather may leave us soon (in the Northern hemisphere anyway) we can look forward to choosing our homecoming dresses! Everyone knows that you can buy homecoming dresses, and more, from OuterInner.com, but we're giving you even more reason to choose your perfect homecoming dress during August and September!

Get a FREE clutch with your homecoming dress!

We want to give you an outfit for homecoming, not just a dress, so when you place your homecoming dresses order between August 12th and September 8th 2013 you can select a FREE clutch which we'll add to your order for you! :)

Which clutches can I choose?

There are 10 styles of our great clutches for you to choose from to be your free gift! Choose the one you like and then add its style code when you're at checkout with your homecoming dress:

clutches to choose | homecoming dresses offer

  • Please note that the clutches only come in the colors you see, so be sure to choose one that matches the color of your homecoming dress, or is neutral.
  • We have limited stock of the clutches, and they'll be given to customers on a first come, first served basis, so order your homecoming dress soon to have a chance of getting the clutch you want!

How do I get my FREE clutch?

All you need to do is add this code at checkout:

homecoming dresses coupon

You'll then be able to tell us which clutch you'd like by adding its style code (that you selected above) to the box and then placing your order!

Here's where to add your the code, and then place your order:

where to add your code to get a clutch

Now we'll add your clutch to your order, so when you open your package you'll see your homecoming dresses AND new clutch! That's it, simple!

Ready to order your dress? Click this link to see OuterInner's whole range of homecoming dresses now, and don't forget to use the code: FB13HC to get your free clutch ;)

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