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Should I Wear A Wedding Veil? OuterInner.com Bride Guide


Become A Wedding Veil Expert

If there's one thing that really makes a bride stand out it's a wedding veil, a touch that adds an unmistakable air of romance to her outfit.
bride in wedding veil
  Veils are lovely, but they're not for every bride. Should you even be wearing a wedding veil? Only you can decide, but in this guide we’re going to help you make that decision… So you’ve got your heart set on a beautiful wedding dress, but how do you get the overall look for your special day? The thing with bridal accessories like wedding veils is that they’re supposed to make you look even better, enhancing your beauty, and complementing the style of your wedding dress.   Firstly, is a wedding veil for you? They’re a classic and beautiful accessory, but in fact they might not be the perfect fit for every bride! My advice, try one on with your wedding dress! How do you feel? Does it seem to complement your look, or is it not as good? If you can wear one and get the feeling that you’ve become a ‘real bride’ who’s ready to commit to her husband on the most important day of her life, then yes, a wedding veil is for you! They do tend to work better in a more traditional setting, and be careful that the veil you choose doesn’t cover key areas of your wedding dress (such as where it has beautiful decoration or features).   Secondly, which style of veil is best? One of the great things about veils is that they come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that you’ll find an appropriate one that suits you perfectly, whether it be a short, modern style or a longer, traditional style. Here’s a diagram showing the different lengths of wedding veils (they’re usually sorted by length and can be made in different tiers instead of just one long piece of fabric):

wedding veil types

Now you have an idea of the different lengths, let’s look at the different veil types and get some examples (click any of the images to see OuterInner.com's veils of that type): Blusher You know that romantic ‘Hollywood moment’ when the groom lovingly pulls back the veil from his new wife’s face to give her a kiss? If that’s the traditional and romantic effect that you’d like on your wedding day then think about wearing a blusher with your wedding veil. The blusher is simply one tier of a veil, so make sure that you have chosen a veil with two or more tiers to get this effect. [caption id="attachment_6391" align="aligncenter" width="300"]blusher A blusher has a kind of romantic suspense for your groom.[/caption] Very Short & Birdcage Veils These are certainly more modern, and really don’t fall lower than your jawline. If you like the idea of a veil, but don’t want something too over-blown, then this style is a good option especially if you're wearing a modern dress such as a mermaid or sheath wedding dress. They also won’t cover up any pretty bust decoration on your dress. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="294"]birdcage veil Birdcage veils are so 20's and so pretty![/caption]   Flyaway (Shoulder-Length) Veils A shoulder length veil is also good if you’re very much wishing to let everyone see the pretty details on your dress’ bust, waist, or back. Longer than a very short style, but still fairly modern and informal. [caption id="attachment_6393" align="aligncenter" width="195"]flyaway veil Cute, modern, and doesn't affect the look of your dress.[/caption]   Elbow Veils So named because they end at your elbow, these are the first of the ‘classic’ veil types, and suit fuller-skirted wedding dresses well, as they end just where the skirt starts. This allows your guests to get a good, uninterrupted, view of your beautiful dress! [caption id="attachment_6394" align="aligncenter" width="194"]elbow veil A flattering style for traditional dresses with big skirts.[/caption]   Fingertip Veils You’re probably getting the idea by now, and these veils reach as far as your fingertips. These are the ‘go to’ veil for most brides and the type most commonly seen. As they are starting to get quite long, choose this veil to get a sleeker, longer silhouette and flatter the more slender dress styles, such as sheath wedding dresses. [caption id="attachment_6395" align="aligncenter" width="194"]fingertip veil Very suitable for slim dresses, such as sheath wedding dresses.[/caption]   Ballet Length Veils By now we’re getting longer, and ballet length veils can be as long as to touch the floor, but not act as a train. Otherwise they’re very similar in application to fingertip veils. [caption id="attachment_6396" align="aligncenter" width="200"]ballet length veil Ballet length veils are starting to take on a lot of drama![/caption] Chapel Length Veils This is a really traditional and romantic veil style that is very long, around 90 inches or more. As it forms a kind of dramatic train behind you, it’d be best worn along with wedding dresses that also feature a train too. The style of dress chosen doesn’t matter though, as the elongated silhouette will flatter any dress regardless of if it’s slender, or voluminous. The same goes for cathedral length too. [caption id="attachment_6397" align="aligncenter" width="194"]chapel veil A great style if your wedding dress has a train.[/caption]   Cathedral Length Veils Now we’re in royal wedding territory. If you’re planning on having a fairytale church wedding along with a classic, princess wedding dress, then this cascading 120 inch style is your choice, forming part of your train and looking great as you walk down a long aisle! [caption id="attachment_6398" align="aligncenter" width="216"]cathedral veil Majestic. You don't get more drama than a cathedral veil.[/caption]  

Don't Forget The Details

Pretty Decoration: Veils can be decorated with crystals, pearls, beading or lace. Choose a veil with decoration that enhances your wedding dress, such as lace if you're wearing a lace dress. The Edging: This is the outside trim of the veil. Some styles are simple, just with a raw edge or piping whereas others others are decorated with lace, beading, and other pretty elements to add extra interest. The Color: Your veil can match your wedding dress in color to give you a perfectly balanced look. These days it's possible to get veils in whites, ivory, champagne, and lots of other colors that you may require.  

Quick Tips

1. Don’t forget that longer wedding veils can hide the back of your wedding dress, but they can always be taken off in time for your reception. 2. As a rule the longer the wedding dress, the longer the veil you need. 3. Veils can be attached to your hair with a comb, or a tiara. Choose a tiara if you want a really beautiful look. 4. Consult your hairdresser ahead of time if you’re planning on wearing a veil, as they’ll need to advise you which kind of hairstyles will best suit your veil! Here’s a good video that can help you to see how to choose and wear your wedding veil:

  Your Turn… Are you planning on wearing a wedding veil? What do you or don’t you love about them? Did you wear one at your wedding? If so, what did your guests think? Let us know by leaving a comment.  
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