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Summer Dresses For Fun Times In The Sun!

Summer Dresses For Fun Times In The Sun

Nothing is a more girly, as well as exciting, for you to wear on sunny days than beautiful summer dresses. Summer dresses are the perfect pick for vacations, picnics, barbecues, and outdoor parties. Their key qualities are that they're stylish, light, and comfortable! Depending on the dress it can be worn both at the casual summer events mentioned above, but could also be accessorized with glamorous heels and make up to be worn out  at bars and clubs too (although darker colors would be best for this), so they're quite versatile. The great thing about summer dresses is that they come in so many styles as they're a bit more casual. Let's look at some of the styles you need to know about.

Strappy Summer Dresses

Strappy dresses, whether with spaghettis or thicker straps, are amongst the most casual and comfortable of them all! Try Empire and A-line dresses for a style that will suit everyone! Because this style isn't so snug it's going to be cooler, especially if you choose light fabrics like chiffon.

Straps Short Sleeveless Sheath Summer Dresses Style Code: 01288

Strapless Summer Dresses

You know what's good about strapless dresses? No tan lines! Yes, it's a little more of a feminine and revealing style too, therefore it'd be a good choice to glam up with heels and some fierce make up to go clubbing later. Even if you did feel a little chill coming on later you could always throw a shrug or cardigan over your shoulders!

Beading Bodice Ruching Waist Summer Dresses Style Code: 08674

Maxi Dresses

Come on, you've got one, right? The maxi has effortless BoHo chic, and they're oh so comfy! They're light, cool, and flatter everyone as they look the same on all body shapes (and can hide any lumps and bumps that you're not so keen on)! Possible minus points are that you don't get any sun on your legs.

Wrapped One Shoulder Maxi Summer Dresses Style Code: 11331

PS. Here's A Tip...  I know that summer dresses would mainly be best in summer (duh) when it's warmer, but you can wear them all year round if you combine with tights, sweaters, cardigans, or scarves! Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Over To You

Which style of summer dresses do you like? Do you already own one or more of these styles? Which is your favorite? Tell us by leaving a comment below please...
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