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How And When To Wear Cocktail Dresses


How And When To Wear Cocktail Dresses 

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Now that we’re finally in summer our thoughts turn from long dresses to more comfortable shorter styles such as cocktail dresses. But how do you wear a cocktail dress, and where? Let this blog guide you as we discover more about these wonderful dresses…

What’s A Cocktail Dress?

Cocktail dresses are best worn when the wearer is attending a semi-formal or casual event where you want to look classy and fashionable! They’re usually pretty short, so go for one if you like getting your legs out. Here’s a nice example:

Sleeveless A-line Sweetheart Short Ruffles Cocktail Dresses

Style Code: 05452, $74

[caption id="attachment_6343" align="aligncenter" width="194"]Sleeveless A-line Sweetheart Short Ruffles Cocktail Dresses Style Code: 05452 This cute bubble hem cocktail dress has a fun 50s style, and flatters your waistline with a belt that defines it! [/caption] Don’t worry if this style above isn’t for you, as there really are styles that would suit anyone! They include spaghetti strap styles, halter neckline, and knee-length, and tea-length skirts. Depending on your body shape there are styles that will flatter you regardless of if you're slender or plus size, so look out especially for A-line cocktail dresses which generally suit most shapes. Cocktail dresses are most common in black – in fact they ARE the famous “little black dress!” If you don’t have an LBD in your closet, shame on you, LOL! They really are the ultimate occasions dress that seem to just work in any kind of occasion! Black is also a really flattering color, and works well with different color makeup, hairstyles, and accessories.

Sleeveless Black Empire Straps Little Black Dresses

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[caption id="attachment_6344" align="aligncenter" width="195"]little black dress 02588 Little black dresses. Effortless cool.[/caption]

How To Wear A Cocktail Dress

As I mentioned, cocktail dresses work really well with accessories, hairstyles, and makeup. You need to choose the right elements to both complement your dress and flatter you. They’re not all simple colors, some can be brightly colored, and accessorised with shiny sequins and beadwork, but what they all share in common is that they’re fun. This means that colourful shoes, bold accessories, and fierce makeup can all be used to add some extra spice to your outfit (probably not all at once though, you don’t want to overdo it).

accessories for cocktail dresses

When To Wear A Cocktail Dress

It’s all very well saying something like ‘semi-formal’ events, but what does this mean to real people like us? It can be tricky to know when to wear certain kinds of dresses, but in the case of cocktail dresses actually your life doesn’t need to be hard! They’re very versatile, and can be worn at a whole bunch of occasions.  
  • Cocktail Parties – D’uh, the clue’s in the name, although honestly I can’t remember the last time I was invited to a cocktail party. So also consider parties, girls’ nights out, and clubbing.
  • Summer parties – Think something genteel like a lovely garden party or picnic. You’ll want to choose lighter dresses made of something comfortable like chiffon or organza in this case though.
  • Homecoming – Homecoming is a time to kick back and have more fun with your friends, and shorter dresses are ideal for this! Here you’d probably enjoy brighter dresses more than an LBD, but the ability to enjoy it with your friends and dance around are the main concerns!

Your Turn

Do you love cocktail dresses? When would you wear them? Which colors do you prefer? Tell us this, and any other ideas in the comments please… Wan to know about smart casual dresses for work? Read here.
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