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10 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles & How To Choose Your Style


10 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles To Whet Your Appetite

10 bridal hairstyles

What are the two most important things for brides on their wedding days? Their wedding dresses and bridal hairstyles! This is because these are the 2 things that you will see forever in your wedding pictures, so it’s important to get them right! We have written blogs about wedding dresses before, but today it’s the turn of bridal hairstyles! Let’s look at our top 10 bridal hairstyles:


braid with flowers

For a relaxed ‘boho’ look, choose braids. A lovely style for outdoor weddings, this look would be at home in the countryside or beside the sea! Add flowers to take the hippy-chic to the max!

Great for: Summer, rustic, and beach weddings, and most brides.

2. Formal Chignon

formal chignon bridal hairstyles An elegant, swept-back style, choose this up-do if you are wearing a formal, backless, or ball gown style wedding gown as it will really complement it.

Great for: Vintage wedding gowns, backless gowns, formal weddings.

3. Soft Cascading Curls

cascading soft curls bridal hair There are many variations on this pretty style, but it’s going to work best for rustic and outdoor weddings. Think hay bales, cowboy boots, and plaid table-cloths ;)

Great for: Outdoorsy brides, rustic weddings, semi to informal weddings.

4. Modern Slick Up-Do

modern slick updo If you’re a modern bride wearing a fairly contemporary simple gown or pantsuit then this slick and simple updo will look perfect and can be accessorized so easily, like with pearls as you see here.

Great for: Modern brides, cutting edge fashion gowns.

5. Side Bun

side bun bridal hairstyles Another contemporary style, the side bun has a little touch of fun with a dramatic effect. You can also stick a jeweled hairpiece into the bun for an extra pop!

Great for: Modern brides, short & modern wedding gowns or pant suits.

6. Half Up Half Down

half up half down wedding hair A classic that’s loved by so many brides (and even Princess Kate of Britain), the ‘half and half’ bridal hairstyle is the ideal compromise for those looking to show off their hair’s length without letting it hog the limelight.

Great for: Most long-haired brides, strapless or sweetheart wedding gowns.

7. Ponytail

bridal ponytail Yes, ponytails can be worn by brides too! However this ponytail needs to be lusciously styled, curled, or decorated like here, and your hair should ideally be back-combed on top to add to the glamour.

Great for: Long-haired brides, summer weddings, light-weight wedding gowns.

8. Ballerina Bun

ballerina bun If it’s good enough for Audrey Hepburn, then it’s good enough for you! This slick style is very elegant, sophisticated, and an ideal foil for princess wedding gowns.

Great for: Princess wedding gowns, semi-formal, to formal weddings.

9. Curled Up-Do

traditional curled bridal updo This popular, but intricate style, consists of many curled portions of hair being pinned up loosely to display the neck and shoulders. Many brides choose to accessorize with a tiara or other jeweled hairpieces.

Great for: Almost all brides, summer weddings, strapless wedding gowns.

10. The Beehive

bridal beehive Channel the swinging 60s with an epic beehive! This style screams glamour, and is all about the back-combing! Leave some loose curls for extra cuteness.

Great for: 60s style wedding gowns, modern brides.

Now you’ve seen the styles, so which do you like? "But are there any tips to help me choose which one is going to be the best for my wedding?" Yes, here are some tips that could help you when choosing which of the above styles is best for your day...

Tips When Choosing Bridal Hairstyles

  • A bride's hair should complement her wedding gown, not compete with or over-shadow it. The hair’s important, but the gown’s still the star of the show!
  • Match your bridal hairstyle to the feel of your wedding outfit. Certain styles work better with certain outfits. For instance, a very rustic style isn’t going to match a modern outfit (see suggestions with each style above).
  • Make sure that your hair looks really shiny and glossy for the big day. Wedding days are long days, but you need your hair to be looking its best so make sure to take steps to combat frizz and dullness by using anti-static spray (if needed) and conditioner before your final style.
  • If wearing a headpiece of sorts (tiara, wedding veil, and jeweled head-bands) be sure to attach it securely using bobby pins, or a fine comb. Some items come with quite a loose comb, but you need to watch them as they are prone to slipping or even falling off (!) at inappropriate moments!
  • Research what’s best for your hair length. Actually there are many bridal hairstyles for both short and long haired brides, so it’s just a matter of finding one that you love. Remember that hair extensions and wigs are perfectly acceptable.
You should be just about ready to make your decision now, but if you need any last minute inspiration take a look at this bridal hairstyles picture board. If you're still looking for the ideal wedding gown, then click this link to see all of OuterInner.com's: Inexpensive Wedding Gowns.  


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