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Get A Prom Dress Fast AND Save Money! Quick Delivery Prom Dress Guide.


“Help! Prom Is Coming And I Still Need A Prom Dress!”

Maybe you weren’t planning on attending prom this year and got a last minute invitation, or maybe you have been caught up in other things and left buying a prom dress a little late. Either way OuterInner.com can help! Most dresses from OuterInner will take around a month or a little more to make and deliver to you, so if your prom is approaching then unfortunately these prom dresses may not be the choice for you. But there are options…

Quick Delivery Prom Dresses

Our quick delivery prom dresses can be with you in around only 10 days or so, and if you need a prom dress you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of styles available to you here! Starting from only around US$100 as standard, quick delivery prom dresses are still brilliant if you have a budget. After all, there is still the usual hair and jewelry to consider on top of the dress too! So you get the cost saving of internet shopping, but a better speed than with our regular dresses that are made from scratch.

Where Do I Find A Quick Delivery Prom Dress?

outerinner.com quick delivery prom dresses

Just go to the prom dress category as normal, and then select ‘quick delivery’ which you can see in this picture above! Alternatively, to see this kind of quick delivery prom dress just click here

What’s So Special About Quick Delivery Prom Dresses? 

These dresses are already made, unlike most of our standard dresses, which means that there is a very short waiting time of only several days while we check them for quality and pack them ready for shipping. You can’t order these dresses as a custom ‘made-to-measure’ size, as we only offer this service in dresses that we make from scratch to your specification (but these take a lot longer to arrive remember). However, there is a range of sizes for you that should suit the majority of prom-goers! In case you change your mind about your new dress when you have it, you can also return your quick delivery prom dress to us for a full refund of the dress costs - no questions asked as long as it's unworn and undamaged!

How To Select The Right Size Quick Delivery Prom Dress

Because you aren’t telling us which size to make your dress in you will need to check the sizes available for your chosen prom dress. In general our quick delivery prom dresses are available in the standard sizes S through XL, BUT you should order based upon the measurements given. Here’s an example:

how to see the size of the prom dress (style 03625)

As you can see above, an M is selected here, and you can see the measurements for bust, waist, and hips. Do these suit you?

If you're happy with the size then go ahead and order. If not then you may need another size. If you find a size that is similar to yours and you feel that it’s convenient to order it and then get some simple alterations made (usually cheap and fast) remember to order the size that’s a little bigger than you. This is because it’s a LOT easier to take dresses in (make them smaller) than to let them out (make them bigger).  

So Let’s Find A Nice Prom Dress!

I’m sticking to prom dresses that don’t exceed US$200 here, as these are the styles that offer you the greatest cost savings over buying in over-priced local prom stores. Let’s take a look:

Floral Applique Thigh Slit Trained Black Tie Event Dress

Style Code: 10736 / $194

[caption id="attachment_6203" align="aligncenter" width="300"]black tie event dress 10736 Gorgeous and glamorous, this two-tone slit prom dress is a great way to make a statement![/caption]

Straps ASYMMETRICAL A-line Sleeveless Quick Delivery Prom Dress

Style Code: 03759 / $114

[caption id="attachment_6206" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Straps Asymetrical A-line Sleeveless Quick Delivery Prom Dress Style Code: 03759 This trendy high-low prom dress is great value, and such a fun style![/caption]

Tucked V-Neck Beading Sweep Trained Evening Wear

Style Code: 11062 / $179

[caption id="attachment_6207" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Tucked V-Neck Beading Sweep Trained Evening Wear Style Code: 11062 A beautiful silk prom dress in a very popular color, turquoise! There aren't many silk dresses that you can buy for less than 200 dollars![/caption]

Applique Beading Omber Floor-Length Formal Dress

Style Code: 11061 / $154

[caption id="attachment_6208" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Applique Beading Omber Floor-Length Formal Dress Style Code: 11061 Not only does this special prom dress have a pretty illusion neckline, but it also has gorgeous floral appliqué decoration that'll make you stand out![/caption] So now you're ready to select from our quick delivery prom dresses and benefit from low costs and a very short delivery time of just about 10 days! Which of these styles do you like, or would you choose something completely different?


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