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5 Fun & Unique Wedding Food Trends That You’ll Love


5 Wedding Food trends That You’ll Love

wedding food trends

Think back to the weddings you’ve been invited to in the past. What made the best so memorable? Could it be a stunning bride? A fabulous venue, or perhaps the wedding food trends that they had chosen? It’s probably a combination of the three, but wedding guests with full tummies are usually the happiest and who doesn’t like a good meal? In the past couples simply didn’t have the choice of the many wonderful wedding food trends that are so commonplace these days. It allows you to really super-charge your day by choosing wedding food that’s going to leave a lasting memory! Let’s look at some of the hottest wedding food trends of the moment: 1.      Cupcakes Instead Of Large Wedding Cakes

wedding cupcakes: wedding food trends

There are so many reasons why cup cakes are now proving to be a real alternative to expensive wedding cakes. In today’s economic climate many couples just don’t want to pay $4 to $5 per slice for an extravagant wedding cake, and cupcakes look as good but cost only $1 to $2 each! If arranged attractively they make a great centrepiece for your day, and they’re in small, individual portions so every guest gets a taste! So they’re good value and can be made in different flavors and with different styles; what’s not to like? 2.      Food Vans

wedding food van: wedding food trends

Why do the same kind of ‘sit down’ meal as everyone else? Many couples are opting to hire various food vans to come to the wedding! They come in all kinds of styles, from retro to modern, and feature almost any foods that you can think of! Indian, fish & chips, Mexican, burgers, ice-cream; they’re all available! So your guests can simply queue up, get their meals, and sit down in your venue and enjoy! It’s fun and popular, which is exactly what you want from wedding food trends! 3.      A Wedding Cheese Tower

wedding cheese tower: wedding food trends

If you and your guests love cheese then this hot trend will be a winner! Whilst it’s perhaps not an alternative to a traditional sweet wedding cake in many traditionalists’ eyes, the cheese tower will be a huge favourite of those without a sweet-tooth! Guests can really make a meal of this tasty treat, as there are usually different kinds of yummy cheeses that can be served with breads, chutneys, fruits, and salads. 4.      A Dessert Station

wedding dessert station: wedding food trends

Small is beautiful! The great thing about a dessert station is that it gives guests the ability to please themselves. They can try as many or as few of the desserts as they like, whereas with a traditional menu they may only have one choice. You can literally choose any kinds of desserts, but popular choices are petit 4s, mini cheesecake bites, mini éclairs, and Danishes. You might also like to have a selection of fruits, marshmallows, and pretzels to dip in some chocolate! 5.      DIY Food Bars

wedding burger bar: wedding food trendsMost of these wedding food trends have one thing in common, they’re fun!

A silver service is timeless, but if you really want to put a really big smile on your guests’ faces then you won’t go far wrong with a DIY burger bar! Beef, chicken, vegetarian, it doesn’t matter if people are fussy or not as there will be something for them. Add a selection of toppings ranging from lettuce and tomato, through to the more exotic such as Thai sweet chilli, and it’ll be a taste sensation. You can also get a grill set up, and barbecue them fresh during the reception! Yum!

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Which of these wedding food trends would you choose? Did you have anything like this at your wedding, or at one you’ve attended? If so, what were they? To see even more fun wedding ideas follow our board on Pinterest: Lovely Wedding Ideas

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