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"How Long Should My wedding Dress Be?" OuterInner.com Guide


"Dear OuterInner, How Long Should My wedding Dress Be?"

Recently a bride-to-be asked me, “How long should my wedding dress be?” on our Facebook page. I decided to expand on this topic right here. So how do you get the right wedding dress fit? Read on for some must-read tips…  [caption id="attachment_5940" align="aligncenter" width="199"]how long should my wedding dress be? You need to measure yourself or be measured to find out your wedding dresses ideal length. [/caption] Specifically we’re talking about wedding dresses bought online, for instance from OuterInner.com, it’s always essential to be precise with your measurements. After all, it would be a disaster to end up walking down the aisle with a hemline that’s either too long, causing a nuisance and trip hazard, or too short, which would just look wrong.

How Do I Measure The Hemline Of My Wedding Dress?

The length of your wedding dress will vary for each bride, and is based upon your own height. Firstly you’ll need to get yourself a measuring tape and a friend (or seamstress), although you can do this yourself. When measuring the length of your wedding dress, stand up straight with your feet together. Bring the measuring tape to your front at the hollow between your throat and where your collarbones meet and allow it to drop down. This is your ‘hollow to floor (or hem)’ measurement, and it’s what’s used to dictate the length of your dress. [caption id="attachment_5944" align="aligncenter" width="260"]hollow to floor measurement You can see in this example the hollow to floor (or hem) measurement amongst others.[/caption] Measuring Tips: 1.You should take this measurement in bare feet. 2. OuterInner.com will add 2.5” to the hollow to floor length by default to account for heels, this can be changed upon request. 3. Always remember that no matter if you’re choosing a short wedding dress, longer style, or something very intricate and decorated like a ball gown, the ‘hollow to floor’ measurement will always be used to measure the length. 4. Don’t measure from the neckline of the dress itself, measure from your hollow. 5. If you do require a short skirt, simply measure from your hollow to where you want the hemline to be and the dressmaker can follow your guidance (although in this case it may help for you to try on some dresses with a similar length skirt in advance to get an idea of what suits you). So now there's no need to ask, "How long should my wedding dress be?" You're an expert and can decide on the best length for your wedding dress! We understand that when buying on line you need to have some faith in the wedding vendor, but if you're able to supply them with accurate measurements that you're totally happy with then you can focus on all of the other things that need to be organized for your wedding secure in the knowledge that your wedding dress is going to be the right length! Did you measure yourself for your wedding dress, or were you measured by someone else? Share your funny stories with us below :-)

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