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Crystal Wedding Jewelry: A Pretty Touch For Brides


What Bride Doesn't Want To Wear Amazing Jewelry On Her Special Day?

bride wearing crystal wedding jewelry

Through the generations brides have loved to adorn themselves in beautiful stones and jewelry as a way to enhance their natural beauty and really be the center of attention on their special day. When we think of crystal wedding jewelry it's easy to jump to conclusions and think that we're talking about diamonds.

Despite the obvious attraction of this most precious of stones, the huge price tag attached to them can be off-putting for brides on a budget. As ever here at OuterInner.com we're always on the lookout for cheap, but beautiful wedding accessories. As our goal is to offer our brides a lovely, cost-effective, wedding; as we believe not everyone needs to spend a fortune to look great. We've been looking for low-cost wedding accessories recently... So is there a lower cost alternative to precious gemstones? Crystal Wedding Jewelry Is The Answer There is a whole range of crystal wedding jewelry including tiaras, earrings, necklaces, and hair ornaments. They're all made with pretty and low-cost crystals that will sparkle and catch the eye under the light. Many of the styles also feature faux-gemstones and pearls too, so there's no end to the styles available no matter the theme of your wedding! Let's look at a few examples that we hope you'll love, click on their images to order yours:

Pearl & Crystal Wedding Jewelry Set (10628, $17.99)

[caption id="attachment_5857" align="aligncenter" width="194"]pearl and crystal wedding jewelry set 10628 $17.99 Pearls evoke old time glamour and so are a great choice for brides choosing a more traditional wedding. This wedding set is really good value, and includes both necklace and earrings.[/caption]

Ivory Floral Wedding Hair Ornament with Rhinestones (10925, $16.99)

[caption id="attachment_5861" align="aligncenter" width="195"]floral rhinestone hair ornament 10925 $16.99 This pretty floral hair ornament with rhinestones is very innocent, and would work well for brides going for a vintage look.[/caption]

Rhinestones Embellished Tiara (10655, $14.99)

[caption id="attachment_5862" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Rhinestone Tiara, 10655, $14.99 This sparkly rhinestone tiara would be great for most brides, as it's fairly subtle. It's also appropriate for prom too![/caption]

Big Crystal Wedding Jewelry Set With Necklace, Earrings, Ring, & Bracelet

(07956, $20.90)

[caption id="attachment_5863" align="aligncenter" width="194"]Crystal wedding Jewelry Set 07956 $20.90 A great set, where a bride can get fully blinged up with crystal necklace, matching earrings, ring, AND bracelet for just over $20![/caption]

As you can see the prices of these items is very low, and we suggest that in order to save on shipping costs it would be better to add these to a dress order that you have already placed as they aren't heavy enough to affect the shipping costs :)

These styles are just the tip of the iceberg though, and so if they don't catch your eye then click here to see much more crystal wedding jewelry from OuterInner.com!

What Do You Think?

Do you like the idea of getting low cost jewelry like this for your special day and saving money for other things as you start your new life together? Which would you choose?   Don't forget that our facebook fans can get an exclusive 10% off your order of wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses! Just click the picture below to get yours!

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