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Vintage Wedding Dresses and Accessories: The Renovation Of The 50's

 50s Style Vintage Wedding Dresses & Accessories

Vintage Wedding Dresses and Accessories

What is a Vintage Wedding? They are becoming very popular these days and maybe you actually don't know what is it about. Well, get ready for all the information about classic style wedding dresses and accessories you need to know to engage this special wedding style for your BIG day!

What Is A Vintage Wedding & How Do I Follow This Trend?

The vintage wedding trend began a couple of years ago and it's showing a increase in all the fashion magazines and now at wedding ceremonies. Brides are renovating and creating new themes around this particular style.

Vintage Weddings include pastel palette of colors, aged papers with soft edges and faded print. All accessories are in soft tones, muted colors and often combine pinks with pale brown, cream and pearl detailing; all of these depending on the wedding theme of the bride's preference.

All eyes however will be firmly on you, the bride, and so it's important to choose bridal wear with the right 'look' for the classic time period you're aiming to evoke. At OuterInner we have the important bridal clothing you need for your vintage wedding, from your vintage wedding dress, to your shoes, and to your Veil. :-D

Let's have a look at some of the following dresses and accessories that OuterInner has for you with special focus on the 50s!

 Sheer Organza Vintage A-line Wedding Dress. Style Code: 09608. US$198

Sheer Organza Vintage A-line Wedding Dress. Style Code: 09608. US$198

This lovely Vintage Wedding dress is an A-line silhouette, and you don't get more 50s than that! The beautiful bow at the back gives a touch of elegance and purity to the dress. Not only gives you comfort but also the freedom to walk and dance. Ordering this Vintage Wedding dress is very simple and easy. Some of our OuterInner friends have shared their comments and reviews of the dress, and we also agreed with them ;-)

The recommended vintage wedding accessories for this stunning wedding dress are shown below. Here you can see the items (click the text for more info):

Vintage Wedding Accessories Want to check another dress? I invite you to discover the next one! :-)

 Lotus Leaf Sleeve Vintage V Neck&Back Wedding Dress. Style Code: 05929. US$149

Lotus Leaf Sleeve Vintage V Neck&Back Wedding Dress. Style Code: 05929. US$149

Delicate is the perfect adjective to describe this amazing vintage wedding dress. Made in chiffon with an A-line, almost Empire, cut, it certainly gives the "vintage touch" that you're looking for. This gown is a true show stopper! The chiffon beautifies and literally illuminates the bride in an unearthly light. Timeless and elegant, and very comfortable.

This vintage wedding gown wouldn't be complete with the OuterInner's wedding accessories. Take a look at the following items to make it really shine!
Vintage Accessories at Outerinner.com
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