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OuterInner.com New Functions: Ask Questions & Review Us On Dress Page

New Functions At OuterInner.com: Review Your Dress & Ask Us Questions Directly From Each Product Page!

This January we've added two helpful new functions to OuterInner.com. Now you'll be able to ask questions about a dress directly from the dress page, and also review your new dress.
review dresses and ask questions on outerinner.com
Let's look at how to do these tasks:

Reviewing OuterInner.com Dresses Directly From Their Page

If you've bought a new dress from us here at OuterInner.com then you can share your opinion about it directly on its page. This is good for sharing your good news, and can help other customers too! Here's how to do it:
  1. Go to your product page and you'll see the option to 'write a review.'
write a review button  
  • After you click that button another screen will pop out and you can write your review here. We strongly suggest that you add a picture or two, as we love to see our customers wearing their dresses ;-)
  write your review here  
  • Finished? Your review will look something like this:
  complete review So, have you bought a dress from us before? Please review it, because it only takes 5 minutes! :-)

Asking A Question Directly About A Dress From Its Page

Have you ever seen a dress on our site, but you have had a question about it and wondered how you could find out what you needed to know? Well now you can! Here's how:
  1. Go to the item page on the site and you'll see the option to "ask a question."
click this button to ask a question  
  • You'll see this pop-out page where you can enter anything you like and it'll go straight through to our customer support staff who will reply by email within 1 day.
  ask your question here  
  • You'll also be able to recommend a dress to your friends. This is a useful function for brides or bridesmaids, as you might wish to share your ideas with them as you browse through our catalog. Just add their email address and your dress choice will be sent to them, allowing them to see if they agree!
  recommend to friends

"Why Should I Use This Way To Contact OuterInner, And Not Just Send An Email?"

As we have upgraded our system this has become the MOST efficient way to contact us. This means that you will get an answer faster than if you send an email (although we still endeavour to answer ANY inquiry within 24hrs), as our system alerts customer support staff directly when an inquiry is sent via the web site. Also, if you have more than one question and ask them as separate emails different you may get separate replies at different times, whereas by asking via the site everything will be collected together automatically and you'll get ONE answer to all of your questions together :-) So if you've got a question let us know! We'd love to speak with you!
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