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Choosing & Using Your Wedding Colors Like A Boss!

OuterInner.com's Guide To Choosing & Using Your Wedding Colors Like A Boss!

By Adrian Leighton A customer asked me about how to choose her wedding color-scheme on our OuterInner facebook page recently, so I thought I'd expand on what I was telling her in this blog. After all, we're all about weddings here, so any way we can help is a pleasure!
where to start to find your wedding colors
There are several things to consider when choosing the colors for your wedding:
  1. Think about both of your favorite colors. Can you incorporate these, or shades of them? After all, they are your favorites, so you'll definitely like them!
  • Does your venue have a color of its own, for instance wallpaper of a certain color? If so you will want to choose colors that do not clash, and preferably fit in with this.
  • Grab color swatches from the paint section of your local hardware store. They're free, and can help you both decide at home.
  • Think of the 'emotion' of your wedding. Is it peaceful, fun, classy, or energetic? This will have a bearing on your choice.
  • Use the internet to help you get inspired! For example, you can try our Pinterest board: "Lovely Wedding Ideas," to help get color and style ideas for free again.
  You'll find loads of cool color examples on line, like this one:
navy and cranberry wedding colors

How Do I Use Color In My Day?

If you have found the colors you like, then there are heaps of fun ways to incorporate color into your day.

Wedding Dress

Everyone knows that bridesmaid dresses can be certain colors, but have you considered adding color to your wedding dress? Don't be too horrified at the idea! If you are a purist and can't bear the idea of not having a white dress it's OK, as many white wedding dresses have little pops of color these days, such as a sash, or decoration. Take a look at this wedding dress for instance:
Strapless Mermaid Back Tie Wedding Gown, Style Code: 08974, US$245.00
Strapless Mermaid Back Tie Wedding Gown, Style Code: 08974, US$245.00 As you can see, this dress has an embroidered red sash which, far from overpowering the white of the dress, actually adds a more regal style to it!    

Bridesmaid Dresses

You can also co-ordinate your maids, as mentioned. The usual method is to choose bridesmaid dresses that are one of your main color picks, but in fact many brides these days are trying different, interesting, ways to mix things up a little. How about:
  • Same style dresses, same colors?
Same style dresses, same colors  
  • Same style, different colors?
  Same style, different colors  
  • Different styles of dresses in one color?
  Different styles of bridesmaid dresses in one color  
  • Dresses in different shades of the one color?
  Bridesmaid dresses in different shades of the one color

Wedding Invitations

Don't forget to use one or more of your colors on your wedding invitation and perhaps table name settings. How about this example below where the couple have used a dark red color:
colored wedding invitation


You can really go to town when it comes to your flowers, and the good thing is that they're usually available in any color that you can possibly dream up! Again, finding flower color ideas isn't tough, and Pinterest is your friend, for example, our board "Gorgeous Wedding Bouquets." How about these cheerful colors?
wedding bouquet

Wedding Cake

The cake is another important focal point of your day, and there's no reason why you can't incorporate colors into it. Don't think that they are all white, they're pretty crazy at times these days! Love this one?
colorful wedding cake
I'm sure there are many other ways to use color! Why don't you tell us what you did for your wedding? Which colors did or would you choose? Remember, for all things wedding, come and give our dresses at try at OuterInner.com!
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