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Grab A Christmas Bargain With The OuterInner.com Free Shipping Holiday Gift Idea

OuterInner.com Free Shipping Holiday Gift Idea

By Adrian Leighton
OuterInner.com Free Shipping Holiday Gift Idea
Shipping sucks! But to give you a helping hand during the festive period we're running the OuterInner.com Free Shipping Holiday Gift Idea between November 27th to December 2nd! What this is is a selection of a wide range of dresses and accessories that would make great gifts for yourself or friends. Of course, free shipping as anoption, so it's wallet friendly, as we know how expense the holidays can get! Simply go to our OuterInner.com Free Shipping Holiday Gift Idea selection, choose the item/s you like, and at the shopping cart you can confirm that they are indeed free shipping. See below:
confirm free shipping at checkout here You can see that shipping cost will be indicated as "free shipping," so be aware of that.  
There are items for everyone's budget and taste, including: Lingerie, clutches, costume jewellery, shoes, party dresses, long gowns, and prom dresses. So now there's only one thing left to do, and that's look at a few of the options that YOU can get delivered to your door for free!

Short Dresses

short dresses with free delivery
Here are the details for each dress:
  1. Ruching Bust Bow Waist Dress, Style Code: 09559, US$89.00
            So which style do you prefer? :-)  


clutches with free delivery
Let's look in detail at the clutches featured:
  1. Red Beaded Clutches, Style Code: 07711, US$39.00
            Which of these clutches would you get as a gift?  


lingerie with free delivery
Here's more info about this lingerie:
  1. Flocked Leopard Fitness Corset, Style Code: 09779, US$72.99
            Which lingerie item do you prefer?  

Shoes, Jewellery, And Long Dresses

shoes, jewellery, and long dresses with free shipping
Let's take a look at the info of these items:
  1. Radiated Front Wrapped Prom Dress with Beading Belt, Style Code: 09142, US$249.00
            Which of these items do you like?   Don't forget that these items only have free shipping until the 2nd of December 2012, so if you do see one that you like act quickly to buy it, or the shipping fee will be re-introduced! Take a look at the OuterInner.com Free Shipping Holiday Gift Idea here, and find yourself a nice early Christmas present ;-)
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