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You Control The Savings With The OuterInner Discount Likeathon!

OuterInner Discount Likeathon!

By Adrian Leighton

Starting this October here at OuterInner.com we're going to be giving you an opportunity to get HUGE discounts on selected dresses! All you need to do is go to our facebook page and click on the OuterInner Discount Likeathon tab, or check the top of our feed, where you'll be able to see the dress that's on offer!

What Would YOU Do To Get A Big Discount On A New Dress?

How far would you go to get 20 to 35% OFF a brand new dress from OuterInner.com? If all it took was to click LIKE on a facebook post would you do it?

The good news is that every other week we'll be posting a picture of a dress, and it's up to you to LIKE this picture. More likes = a higher discount!

here's where to like the outerinner discount likeathon

500 likes = 20% OFF, and 800 likes = 35% OFF!

You have 5 days to LIKE the picture, and after that if we've hit the target we'll post the discount code on the OuterInner Discount Likeathon so keep checking to see if you're able to get a discount on the dress!

Go to our facebook page now to join in! It's easy!

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