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New To OuterInner.com: Pay With Credit Card!

pay with credit card at outerinner.com

Now You Can Pay Directly By Credit Card At OuterInner.com!

By Adrian Leighton

Good news! As of this month, October 2012, we're accepting direct credit card payments here at OuterInner.com! This is good for several reasons!

  1. Fast. We cannot start making your dress until we've received your payment, and paying by credit card is very fast, meaning that it'll take less time for you to receive your new dress!
  2. Secure. Your credit card provider has got your back, so if you ever have any problems you can go to them and they'll return your money.
  3. Extra Rewards. Here at OuterInner we're serious about supporting you guys using credit cards, and that's why we will automatically give you a US$5 deduction on every order of US$120 and over (this includes any shipping cost).

How Do I Use My Credit Card?

Anyone around the world can use their credit card! All you need to do is select USD as your currency, and the credit card payment method will become available. If you aren't in the States that's OK, your card provider should be able to convert your payment for you automatically (for details on this you should contact your own card provider).

Finally, just sit back and relax, as we'll be busy starting to make your new dress :-)

Ready to start shopping at OuterInner.com? Remember that our great value wedding dresses, and other occasions dresses are available on line all day, every day, no matter where you are; so why not take a look today?

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