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It's Behind You! Why The Back Of Wedding Dresses Are Also Important!

What Style Of Backs Can I Choose In Wedding Dresses?

By Adrian Leighton

When you're shopping for wedding dresses there's one thing you need: The dress you choose needs to look perfect. Perfect is a very subjective idea, but one thing's for sure, your wedding dress needs to be amazing from every angle!

wedding dresses can be seen from every angle

This means that you need to think about the back of your dress as well as the front! There are 2 good reasons for this:

  1. Many of your wedding guests will see you walking down the aisle and your back will be to some of them during the ceremony.
  2. The style of back that your dress has will have a bearing on the type of hairstyle you'd do for your big day. For instance, if you have a lace up corset back then you might wish to put up your hair to show it off.

OuterInner.com offer you two stunning options for the back of your wedding dresses

Here at OuterInner.com we can offer almost all of our wedding dresses with two kinds of back, either zip up, or lace up. Best of all, the choice is yours! You can choose either option for no extra charge, and if we can make the change for you we will*!

*(You need to ask us by leaving the request in the special instructions box at checkout)

So do you prefer the clean, streamlined look of a zipper back?

zipper back wedding dresses

Or is the classic style of a lace up corset the only option for you?

lace up wedding dresses

Which style of wedding dress do you prefer?

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