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Why Hot Lingerie Is Your Formal Outfit's Ultimate Finishing Touch

Choosing Hot Lingerie To Complement Your Occasions Dresses

By Adrian Leighton You know that spring you get in your step when you're looking and feeling perfect? It's a combination of your ideal dress and the lingerie you're going to wear underneath! In fact, did you ever consider that the hot lingerie under your dresses could be as important as the dress itself? Looking great has a lot to do with feeling great too, so the lingerie you've chosen becomes really important! Also remember that your hot lingerie may also be able to help shape your body, depending on the type that you choose, so it's a potential ally too! A lot of occasions dresses are quite revealing, especially those with low cut necklines, cut-outs or thigh high slits. That's why what you have underneath is important, as this will give you the confidence to really flash the flesh and be the center of attention! Here are some tips that will help you find the hot lingerie you're looking for:

Choose Hot Lingerie That's Going To Suit Your Body

You need to have a good idea of your body shape so you can choose the best lingerie for your shape. It doesn't matter if you have a tummy, big boobs, small boobs, hips, or whatever; there will be a piece that's ideal for you! For instance, if you're lucky enough to have a natural wasp waisted figure, then a corset will really accentuate this for you and you'll really see the difference in shape under your dress! A good set would be this dress and corset:
Floor-length Trumpet/ Mermaid V-neck illusion Black Tie Event, Style Code: 01126, US$129.00Satin Black Upper Torso Corsets Sexy Lingerie, Style Code: 07295, US$18.99

Get Something That Suits Your Personality

Hot lingerie isn't only for wild girls, it's great for all types of personalities. You need to feel comfortable, and you're not going to feel good if you're feeling awkward. If you're a bit more of a shrinking violet then you'll prefer lingerie that gives you more coverage, somthing like teddies will be ideal as they are sexy, but still leave a lot to the imagination.
Mesh Material One Size Black Teddies Sexy Lingerie, Style Code: 06950, US$12.99
On the other hand, if you're pretty daring then you could try really skimpy lingerie like micro lingerie that will make you feel sexy and excited!
Black Micro Lingerie Sets Sexy Lingeries, Style Code: 06941, US$10.99

Show Off Your Assets

Every girl has certain assets of her own, be that great boobs, a taught tummy, or a cracking rear! You simply need to find the right hot lingerie that shows off your particular plus points. For instance, if you're wearing a low-cut dress you can give your cleavage a boost by wearing a bustier underneath. Here's a dress and bustier that would work well together:
Strapless Short Sheath Sleeveless Homecoming Gowns, Style Code: 04953, US$99.00Satin Sets Silver Bustiers Sexy Lingeries, Style Code: 03180, US$19.99
Which lingerie do you like to wear under your occasions dresses?
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