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Ready To Place Your Dress Order? Double Check Your Size!

Size Is Everything!

By Adrian Leighton Don't believe them when they say, "Size isn't everything." It is! When you're ordering a dress from OuterInner.com there are few things as important as checking the size! This may sound obvious, but there's a reason for making this point. If you are used to buying a regular size, say a 14, then it may be tempting to log on, select a 14 in the dress you like and then click buy. WAIT! Are you sure that our size 14 is going to fit? Every store has its own measurements, and they can vary a little. So if you're used to buying a certain size in one country, say the States, it may not be exactly the same as our size.

Size Help Is At Hand

Don't worry though. This doesn't mean that your size has changed or that anything is wrong, but it's simply a difference in measurements between countries. As a reminder we show you the measurements of each specific size when you are on each dress page, as you can see here:
measurements are shown on every dress page
As you mouse over the size you'd like, the box will pop up - so check if the measurements are correct before placing your order!  

How Do I Check My Measurements?

Part of internet shopping is being perhaps a bit better prepared than if you're just in a store. You need to have a good idea of your measurements in advance and then that will minimize chances that you'll choose a dress that doesn't fit well. To get started you'll need a measuring tape which will show both inches and cm:
measuring tape
Then go to our measurements help page where you'll see a guide on how to take your measurements. You should be able to do it yourself in a mirror, but if a friend helps you it'll be even quicker. Finally, we're always on hand to help and if in doubt it's better to email us and check if your size selection is going to be ok, and if you're between sizes it may be better to choose a custom size dress which is just an extra US$16 and will mean your dress is yours and yours alone! You can email us at: 'INQUIRY@OUTERINNER.COM' and we'd love to say hi!  
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