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Changing wedding Dresses Forever! Two In One wedding Dresses.

Why Should I Be Considering Two In One Wedding Dresses?

We're on top of one of the newest wedding trends around, two in one wedding dresses! These dresses are a great alternative to traditional wedding dresses as they are truly two dresses in one! This allows brides to go from long skirted wedding gown, to short skirted reception party dress in moments.
As long dress: [Two In One Wedding Dress]Gentle Sweetheart Layers Wedding Dress, Style Code: 08533, US$189.00, LONG As short dress: [Two In One Wedding Dress]Gentle Sweetheart Layers Wedding Dress, Style Code: 08533, US$189.00, SHORT  

Who Would Buy Two In One Wedding Dresses?

There are three kinds of bride who would favor two in one wedding dresses. Either those who are trying to save money and don't want to spend extra money on a separate reception dress, or those that would like to have a dress that you don't need to struggle in and out of with great difficulty. They're also great for brides who would like to wear their dress again in future, as most wedding dresses really aren't practical for everyday use, but when converted these dresses can be worn as a party dress.

How Do Two In One Wedding Dresses Work?

[Two In One Wedding Dresses]Sweetheart Mermaid Floral Skirt Wedding Dress, Style Code: 08538, US$189.00
It's simple! The longer section of the skirt (which may also include the train) is connected to the 'body' of the skirt with hooks going through tiny eyelets. This is really secure, and even though the skirt is detachable, there's no way it can fall by accident as the hooks have to be pulled up and out of the eyelet each time meaning that only hands can free them. :-)

Let's Look At How To Adjust Two In One Wedding Dresses In This Video!

We just made this video to show how easy it is to adjust these dresses, so watch it now:

Where Can I See Your Two In One Wedding Dresses?

You can see our whole range of these wonderful dresses by clicking HERE to go to our range where we have a variety of styles! Best of all is that none are above US$268, which is good value for two dresses!
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